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North Dakota

Total Mileage/Average drive time
174 miles, 2 hours, 41 minutes

The ruggedly beautiful terrain of North Dakota inspired Theodore Roosevelt to launch the National Park Service, and after visiting you'll see why. Broken and bold landscapes stretch out to the horizon, and wild buffalo, elk and other creatures are often sighted. The cowboy spirit prevails throughout the region.

1) Medora
Starting Point

Savor Medora Magic in the town of Medora, which is nestled in the Badlands of North Dakota. Take a scenic drive through Theodore Roosevelt National Park and watch for bison, elks and prairie dogs.

2) Bismarck
134 miles, 1 hour, 54 minutes

After motoring east on I-94, visit Bismarck, which traces its roots 1873, when the Northern Pacific Railway reached the east bank of the Missouri River. Visit Bread Poets and stock up on some hand-crafted whole wheat breads milled onsite daily.

3) Washburn
40 miles, 47 minutes

Head north and visit the North Dakota Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center for a comprehensive overview of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and view a "cradle-board" similar to the one used by Sakajawea, the Native American guide who carried her baby during the expedition. View Fort Mandan, which was the winter headquarters during 1804-1805 for the Corps of Discovery expedition.