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Private RV Parks Offer the Best Variety

By Rick Hazeltine

One of the first things you will need to determine when planning an RV trip is whether you want to stay at a public or private RV park.

Public RV parks are located in national and state parks and are usually overseen by the government agency responsible for the park. Although public RV parks often have great locations inside the park, they generally offer only basic accommodations.

RV park at Okanagan Lake in British Columbia If you are looking for more than the basics, private RV parks will likely be the choice you will want to make.

When you plan an RV trip and aren’t sure whether you want to stay at a public or private RV park, here are five reasons why private RV parks may be the best choice for you and your family.

1. Cater to Your Needs.
Being able to be inside the state or national park is what draws people to public RV parks. Private RV parks have to compete for your business and so work much harder and offer more incentives for you to stay with them. When planning your RV trip, realize that private RV parks are more expensive but also consider the old axiom: “You get what you pay for.”

2. More Amenities.
Regardless of your needs and wants, you should be able private parks can offer the basics to luxury, from swimming pools to tennis courts to free Wi-Fi. Pretty much anything you want, you should be able to find at a private RV park. While public RV parks are pretty much one-size fits all, you will be able to find private RV parks that are best suited to your family.

3. More Locations.
Where ever people want to go, whether it’s seeing the country’s great natural resources or visiting a man-made amusement park, you can be sure RV parks are nearby. And the more popular the site, the more choices you will have when planning your RV trip.

4. Greater Variety.
When planning your RV trip, you will find a full range of RV resorts, from basic to luxury. If you want to save money with a no hook-up spot on a travel day, there should be plenty of public RV parks awaiting your call. For longer stays, you’ll find moderate RV parks with swimming and other recreational activities and if you like to indulge yourself, there are luxury RV resorts that will cater to your needs.

5. Local Knowledge.
Public RV parks are great for getting back to nature but those working in the state or national park tend to be isolated from private attractions. Because public RV parks cater to travelers with a variety of interests and want to offer the best customer service, they can usually be depended upon to share their intimate knowledge of the immediate and surrounding areas. They can share great side trips to match your interests and not-to-miss places to grab a bite if you’re tired of cooking.

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