November 2010

Woodall's Navigator - November 2010
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Book of the Month
2011 North American Campground Directory

Woodall's 2011 North American Campground DirectoryLAST CHANCE to pre-order Woodall's 2011 North American Campground Directory for only $12.00! The new edition has over 310,003 changes, including detailed green RVing information, GPS coordinates & full-color travel maps. Plus, each copy includes an entry form for our anniversary sweepstakes celebrating our 75th year in print! Place your order before 11/16 and have it in your mailbox before December 31.
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Sunland RV Resorts
Where to
Desert DessertsDesert Desserts

Far from being the desolate wastelands many imagine as they speed through them on the Interstate going to somewhere else, America's deserts are thriving ecological communities

By Stuart Bourdon

Tumble weeds and blowing sand. That's the image most often used to portray the American deserts, but the truth is these arid ecosystems offer a diverse plant and animal life, intriguing geological formations, starkly dramatic scenery, and fascinating history lessons. Best of all, the winter and spring are perfect seasons to visit.…

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Mark...My Words
By Mark Nemeth

Hi, all!
In this month's column, we'll cover some general questions on RVing and problem solving. I hope you are enjoying the final glorious fall RVing days before winter truly sets in! Please keep those questions coming!
I purchased a 2001 Four Winds motor home two years ago. The unit only had 15,000 miles on it when I purchased it and now has 21,000, so not a lot of use. Recently, the shower drain has become sluggish. After cleaning the drain strainer of hair, it improved somewhat. I believe it is still slower than it should be. I tried using a wire coat hanger to hook anything out of sight but caught nothing. My question is, can home drain cleaners be used in the system? Is there a trap as in conventional household drains? Mel

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RVing with your pet
By Julee Meltzer

Rving with My PetMemory of My RVing Dog

Every month for the past two years, as I sit down to write this column I think that I should write a memorial to my dog Fearless (nickname: BruBru). And, every month I find that I just don't have the strength to do it. Until this month, when PetSmart Charities created tribute pages for your dog so that you could create a page to remember your pet with while, at the same time, raising money for living pets in trouble.

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Let's Go Green
Let's Go Green
Go Green

You don't often think of cleaning solutions as green, but here's one we found that fills the bill. As you might suspect from the name, Green Earth Technologies' line of RV cleaning products is touted as biodegradable.

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Camping Life's Corner
Knife and Multi-Tool Buyer's Guide
Getting An Edge On The Outdoors

A sturdy knife is essential around camp and on the trail for handling all kinds of cutting chores, from trimming a length of cord to splitting kindling for the night fire. Close kin to the primary knife is a well-crafted multitool, with its folding blade and multitude of tools ranging from pliers to scissors to screwdrivers and beyond.…

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RV and Camping Recipes
Camping Bloopers
Gadgets and Gear
RV Driving and Towing Tips

RV Driving opens up a world of on-the-road travel adventure. It requires no special license and it's easier than many newcomers think. A survey of RV owners by Louis Harris and Associates found that three out of four RV owners do not feel that driving or towing

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RV Deal of the Month
2002 Prevost Featherlite XLII1S
Just Reduced Price:
$329,000 $299,000
Length: 45ft.
Costa Mesa, CA

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2005 Alpha See Ya
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Camping with Dogs
What You Missed Last Month
Mark My Words
Hi, all:
Axle flips, toilets, and propane detectors: just a few of the topics covered this month. Come on in and have a read, and don't forget to send in your RV questions. I'll answer selected questions every month…
RVing with your Pet
After writing about and RVing with dogs and cats for the past six years, I have spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about camping with pets. I have also spent a lot of time worrying about pets camping…
Gadgets & Gear
RV Driving & Towing Tips With some practice, you can become a confident driver of your new RV. Whether you are thinking about purchasing a trailer and tow vehicle (or vice versa), or if you're new to the RVing lifestyle…
Camping Blooper
My husband and I purchased a 24 ft long travel trailer and took off for Cape San Blas Florida in May. First, we almost got stuck in the sandy campground as soon as we arrived and were trying to pick out a good spot. I thought for sure…
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