August 2010

Woodall's Navigator - August 2010
10 Great Wildlife Destinations for Beautiful Wildlife Photography.
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Woodall's 2010 North American Campground Directory
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Woodall's 2010 North American Campground Directory
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RVC Outdoor destinations
Where to
Where To? Blending Nature and Luxury
RVC Outdoor Destination is creating a new concept in Outdoor Hospitality

By Corey Grant

What would you get if you crossed your favorite RV Property, with your favorite Hotel, included a variety of great amenities and recreation, and plopped the whole creation in some of the most scenic locations in country? Most likely you would have created exactly what RVC Outdoor Destinations have designed and built a new concept in the hospitality industry. Combining superb accommodations and resort-quality guest services, the properties that RVC have designed are truly, "destinations."

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Mark...My Words
By Mark Nemeth

Hi, all!
I hope you're having a great summer! This month, we'll cover some towing questions from folks towing RVs and from folks towing behind their RVs!
Wow, I am having a horrible time backing up our new trailer. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions - please I need help. Herb

Hi, Herb, If you are a complete novice at backing any kind of trailer...

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RVing with your pet
The Good Old (Dog) Days
By Julee Meltzer

The Good Old (Dog) DaysNot long ago, I received an e-mail from a fellow RVer (let's call him Bob) who believes that we've gone too far in the way we control our pets. He went on to list the litany of rules that most campgrounds have and suggested that we might be better off if we eased up a little. And, when I think of all the times we have been stuck next to a barking dog, I think some campgrounds need stronger rules, but then I realize that at some level, he may have a point.

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Let's Go Green
Let's Go Green
Really Green Tea

Iced or hot, we do love our tea, don't we, and teabags are the most common and certainly the most convenient way to enjoy a glass or cup. Unfortunately, many brands use nasty chemicals such as chlorine to bleach to their tea bags and make them look bright and clean…

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Camping Life's Corner
10 Wildlife Destinations
From the pages of Camping Life Magazine

Where do professional wildlife photographers go to shoot all those wonderful pictures? While some construct habitat to attract birds and mammals to their own backyards, most rely on public sites such as national and state parks or wildlife refuges to get within camera range.

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RV and Camping Recipes
Camping Bloopers
Gadgets and Gear
Woodall's Raffle Winners
The Woodall's team is back now from
a very successful show at
The Rally. For those of you who weren't able to make the drive out to Louisville, we want to let you know that you missed out on some great southern hospitality at The Greatest RV Rally in the World.

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RV Deal of the Month
2003 Holiday Rambler Ambassador 36pbd
Just Reduced Price:
$74,900 $59,900

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2003 Holiday Rambler Ambassador 36pbd
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Mark My Words
Hi, all!
This month: GPS, batteries, tires, generators, and more! I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation somewhere in an RV! Have fun, and keep those questions coming!
I was fishing for Muskies with some friends out on Cave Run Lake in Morehead, Kentucky when we heard somebody's horn go off. It kept up for a while and was extremely irritating to those of us fishing on the lake
RV Camping
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Where To?
Little Traverse Bay Michigan
Do white picket fences, pies cooling on windowsills, a quaint downtown with an ice cream shop and post office make you reminisce for the good ol' days? Whether you lived during the mid-century or just enjoy watching AMC's hit TV series "Mad Men," the Little Traverse Bay area
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