April 2010

Woodall's & Camping Life – The Navigator, April 2010
Find out the hot places for springtime camping adventures!
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Did you know that you can easily search for a campground and also make online reservations at woodalls.com? Whether you are an RVer who looks for loads of comfort and recreational amenities, or a tent camper who prefers to be as close to nature as possible. You can find your perfect campground at woodalls.com. For your convenience, here's a quick list by state of all Woodall's campgrounds that offer online reservations.
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Updated annually, the North American Campground Directory is the ultimate resource for RV campgrounds, service centers and area attractions. Woodall's provides information on over 15,000 public and private RV campgrounds plus much more.
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RVing with Your Pet
Consider Adopting
The little puppy in the veterinarian's waiting room was probably as cute as they come. It looked like a Golden Retriever, but its fur was curly. According to Wikpedia.com here is the definition of Labradoodle…
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Rving with your Pet - consider Adopting
Mark My Words
Hi, all! This month's column will include: Tips for buying an RV - How long is legal? - Short-bed vs. long-bed trucks - cleaning blinds – Too many flat tires – Propane $$$ vs. Electric $$$. Thanks for reading, and send your questions to woodalls@escapees.com.
I am looking for a used class-A RV and would like to know what things I should be on the lookout for. What are the most common items that are overlooked when buyers look at RVs? Also, what is better, gas or diesel? Thanks, Tim.
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Where To?
Spring Break!
Hot places for springtime camping adventures
Spring Break! While the weather in much of the country may belie the arrival of spring, odds are high that the approaching season has triggered an urge to get out and play in the warm sun again. It's likely the season of renewal has your thoughts turning to the road and an early-season camping trip — right after you find all the camping gear you stored away for the winter, that is.

Spring is the best time to go camping in many parts of the country, with plants and animals awakening to the new season. Check out this list of great places to visit when the days finally offer more sunshine than darkness.
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Let's Go Green
Let's Go Green
Eco Bubbles: A Healthier Soda
Who doesn't love soda? But we're learning more about how much sugar and harmful additives are in sodas—not to mention purchasing soda in quantities can be expensive and not good for the environment if the plastic bottles and aluminum cans aren't being recycled. However, there is one solution to continue enjoying soda in a healthier way while saving money and the environment: making your own soda at home.
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Camping Life's Corner
RV & Camping Recipes
Camping Bloopers
Near Camper Brushcut
We travel in a truck camper, an 11 ft long Timberline Security camper riding on a 2002 Chev 1 ton diesel/dually. The height of our unit is 11' 9", so I am constantly on the lookout for low underpasses and low bridges…
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Gadgets and Gear
Plan for an Adventure on the Open Road
RV travelers, Lee and Diane Rudolph, are no strangers to hitting the road. They bought an RV a few years ago and have been exploring the United States ever since – visiting friends, family and all sorts of interesting places across the country. The Rudolph's have been using Microsoft® Streets & Trips to help plan their road trips from start to finish.
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RV Deal of the Month
2007 Jayco Greyhawk
Listed price:
Was $77,995
Reduced to $64,900

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2007 Jayco Greyhawk
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The Spring Shakedown
Mark My Words
Rving With Your Pet
Best Desert Campgrounds
After each period of non-use, regardless if the RV was winterized, stored in the backyard or kept in a closed garage, each…
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Hi, folks:I've got a real mixed bag for you this month! From ants to mice, from boondocking to wiring, with some do-it-yourself…
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We woke up in the morning and she was gone; our new 7 month old kitten that we had just gotten yesterday…
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America's Best Desert Camping
Spots By definition, the most interesting, beautiful, fun, unusual and/or historic places in America are our national parks and…read more…
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