February 2010

Woodall's & Camping Life – The Navigator, February 2010
Learn Five Ways to Assist the RV Service Facility
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Camp Myrtle Beach
RVing with Your Pet
Dogs as Protectors on the Road
Every now and then, someone will ask me for advice regarding the potential role that dogs play in terms of preventing crime. Since many RVers spend a fair amount of time in unfamiliar areas, the question of personal safety is a legitimate one. However, you should also be aware that the issue of crime and RVing...
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RVing with Your Pet
Gadgets and Gear
Gadgets & Gears
Five Ways to Assist the RV Service Facility
Has this ever happened to you? Maybe not this specific problem, but this scenario in general. You're on the third day of that much anticipated and much needed vacation trip when, out of the blue, while stopped for lunch, you realize your generator will not start. No problem, you say, there's an RV repair shop just two miles back...
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Where To?
Acadia National Park: Acadian Adventure
A four-season national park with New England charm
Encompassing 47,633 acres of granite-laced mountains, boreal forests, freshwater ponds and rugged ocean shoreline is Maine’s Acadia National Park. Mount Desert Island, which holds the majority of the park, was first designated Sieur de Monts National Monument...
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Where To?
Let's Go Green
Let's Go Green
Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags
When out and about with their pets, conscientious dog owners will pick up their loved one’s poop, which is 100 percent biodegradable; yet place the unmentionable in a non-biodegradable plastic bag for disposal. The petroleum-based bags then remain in landfills and leach toxic chemicals as they slowly break down...
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Camping Life's Corner
RV & Camping Recipes
Camping Bloopers
Real life "RV"
I was camping at a State Park in our state and went to dump the holding tanks. I have a check-list I do before pulling the levers and I did them, as I always do. OK. All set, here goes. I pulled the lever on the black tank first, as everyone does.
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Mark My Words
Hi, everyone! I hope your New Year is progressing well! As the weather starts to warm up a little here in East Texas, I'm thinking about the upcoming RV season. I hope you are, too! Keep those questions coming!...
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RV Deal of the Month
2009 Fleetwood Discovery 37D
Just Reduced Price:

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2009 Fleetwood Discovery 40K
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Bella Terra
What You Missed Last Month
RVs, Rubber Roofing, and You
Few innovations in the RV industry can boast of steady interest over an extended period of time and at many levels of the industry.
Mark My Words
In a recent article you were comparing the cost of heating an RV with propane versus an electric heater. It was great that you provided some actual values...
Wii Fit Exercise in an RV
When we first started the RV lifestyle – I was looking forward to being active. For some reason I thought that, just by virtue of living in an RV, we would be more active.
Doggie Camping: Cold Weather Tips & Products
There are two types of people, those that love the cold and those that hate the cold. Having grow up...
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