January 2010

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Doggie Camping: Cold Weather Tips & Products      
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Welcome to the new year and a new decade! Welcome to 2010! We hope you have enjoyed your holidays and are looking forward to a brand new season of camping and RVing. We here at The Navigator have some excited things planned for you in the upcoming months. We’re always looking for ways to improve your RVing and camping experience and hope this continues through our newsletter too.

By now, we hope you have had time to browse through the new and improved woodalls.com… and hope you like what you see. The addition of address and GPS information on the site (and in the Directory) were items that you requested. You asked and we listened! Please feel free to make any other suggestions or requests on our feedback form. If you would like a response back, leave your email address in Question #4 and we’ll get to you as soon as we can.

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Woodall's 2010 North American Campground Directory
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Head South

Escape winter’s icy grip

When I lived in Salt Lake City we came to call it the “February thaw.” For a few days in mid-winter, a warm sun shone, snow melted and blue skies chased away the gray. It was all a tease, of course. But even so, hope began rising as our thoughts turned to activities like camping and fishing — until a few days later when the season’s next storm arrived with the rock-hard thud of a block of ice.

“Enough!” you say, “I can’t take any more rain, sleet and snow!” You want to feel warm sunshine on your skin. You want to hear bacon sizzling and smell coffee perking on your trusty old camp stove. But like the groundhog that sees its shadow in February, you know it will be weeks or months before you’ll be out there again enjoying life in your RV or tent. Well, maybe you don’t need to wait.

There is warm-weather camping to be done in winter. While it takes some planning and preparation (because even in warm climates, winter can be fickle) the advantages of winter camping in the southern states abound. For openers, the rewards almost always feature fewer crowds. Also, warm-weather camping in winter can be found in areas that are often muggy, buggy or otherwise miserable during summer; but in winter these locations are at their benign best.

Understandably, warm-winter camping is found almost exclusively in the southern latitudes of the U.S. However, there’s no reason not to treat your camping passion to a mid-winter thaw.
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RVing With Your Pet
www.woodalls.com/email Doggie Camping: Cold Weather Tips and Products

There are two types of people, those that love the cold and those that hate the cold. Having grow up in Maine and spending years snow-shoeing, skiing, cross-country skiing, and ice-skating; you would think that I would be one of those that love the cold. Wrong. I hate the cold. However, I am willing to accept that there are strange people out there who love the cold. Why else would there even be the term "winter camping"?

Like people, there are two types of dogs; those that love the cold and those that can't even tolerate putting one toe into the snow. My dog is one of the latter, she thinks that heaven is a place with lots of ice and snow and a blustery cold wind blowing her fur around her neck.

I have a vivid memory of the last time I spent a winter in a cold place. I was taking my dog, Lilac, for a walk in January in Bangor, Maine. (For those of you who aren't familiar with Bangor, Maine...think the Antarctic, only colder and windier). So, Lilac was frolicking and running in the 20 mile per hour wind at 19 degrees F and kicking up the frozen snow with her muzzle. She was so thoroughly enjoying herself that she failed to notice that her owner (me) was standing in one spot crying. I was so cold that I didn't even think that I would make it back to the car. Finally, my husband came out and carried my frozen body back to the car. Meanwhile, Lilac wanted to stay out and enjoy the lovely January weather. Needless to say-it was the last winter that I spent in Maine.

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Gadget's Gear More Gadgets
RVs, Rubber Roofing, and You

Few innovations in the RV industry can boast of steady interest over an extended period of time and at many levels of the industry. But along with other leading-edge design concepts such as basement model floor plans and slide-out rooms, the advent of EPDM rubber roofing has generated a lot of interest and a box full of questions regarding its wear, its care and its benefits. Equipped on RVs since the 80's, EPDM rubber, (ethylene propylene diene monomer), has now enjoyed industry-wide acceptance on many recreation vehicles and many decades of successful use in other industries. So popular now, most RV manufacturers offer at least some of their product line, if not all, equipped with an EPDM rubber membrane as the finished roof surface.

As EPDM membrane increased in popularity and RVers became more in tune with it, aftermarket products began to appear including a vast assortment of treatments, cleaners and protectants. And that's where the contention began. Confusion seeped its way into the fabric of discussions from campfire conversations among RV owners to professional technical presentations by the so-called experts. Even knowledgeable professional shops were a bit vague when asked about specific precautions concerning EPDM membrane. The facts will be revealed here, but first, a little EPDM background.

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Book of the Month - 2009 Traveler's Guide to the Firearm Laws of the 50 States More Books
Book of the Month - Casino CampingCasino Camping
By Jane Kenny

Casino Camping is a great resource for RVers and boondockers. More and more casinos across the country are working to bring RVers to their gaming tables by offering free overnight RV parking while also featuring full service RV parks with Jacuzzis, recreation rooms, and convenience stores on-site. With this guide, you will discover which casinos throughout America are RV-friendly. Casino Camping gives you detailed information regarding which discounts are available at the casinos, driving directions and maps for locating the casinos, as well as parking information for your RV. Order your copy today and make trip planning easier with all the detailed information
provided in this guide.

Mark My WOrds
By Mark Nemeth

Hi folks, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to a New Year of RVing! Keep those questions coming!


Hi, Mark:
In a recent article you were comparing the cost of heating an RV with propane versus an electric heater. It was great that you provided some actual values so that we could do the math for ourselves, depending on what current energy costs might be in various locations. I've always been curious about similar costs of operating our refrigerator during the snowbird months. Obviously, if the camping fee already includes the cost of electricity, this is not a consideration, but most sites that rent out on a monthly basis do not include electric. In these cases, it would be worthwhile to know the difference in cost of using propane versus electric (convenience factor aside), as well as whether one method of operating contributes more "wear" over the other. Thanks for the very informative article. Norm

Hi, Norm:
Most RV refrigerators have an electric heating element that draws at least 200W and often 300-400W. The ratings plate on the refrigerator, usually found on the back of the cooling unit, will tell you the max AC wattage for your fridge. In cold weather, that heater cycles on and off. In hot weather, it pretty much runs all the time. That gives you some idea of the electricity usage. As far as the propane side goes, it's been my experience that most fridges use very little propane to keep everything nice and cold. I don't have exact figures on propane usage, but I tend to run mine on propane whenever I'm on metered electric. I don't think one mode of operation causes more "wear" than the other. It's usually best to "exercise" both modes from time to time, just to make sure that both work properly.

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Made in America
SureFire  G2 LED Flashlight The new FlameDisk made by Sologear of Madison, Wisconsin, is an alternative to charcoal for your grill, as it uses ethanol to generate a clean-burning cooking flame that the company says lasts for at least 40 minutes. The top portion of the Frisbee-sized disk is the SmokerPlate, which rests on a recyclable aluminum shell. Simply place the entire piece in the bottom of the grill, peel the lid on the SmokerPlate and light one spot. According to the company, the flame distributes throughout the disk and heats up instantly. It also cools down in minutes after use. When done, what's left is the aluminum shell that you can trash or recycle.

The FlameDisk retails for $5 and is currently sold online on the company's website and at select regional stores, but will hit national chain stores in the spring. For a list of stores that sell FlameDisk, visit www.flamedisk.com.

Woodall's Recipes area
Woodall's Campsite Cookbook Article courtesy of Woodall's Campsite Cookbook

Easy Chicken Pie

1 can condensed cream of mushroom soup
1/2 soup can water
2 tablespoons minced onion
Dash pepper
1 cup cooked chicken, cubed
1/4 cup cooked carrot strips
3/4 cup diced cooked potato
1 cup biscuit mix
1/4 teaspoon dehydrated onion flakes
1/3 cup milk
2 tablespoons bread crumbs

Combine soup, water, onion and pepper in 1 ½ quart casserole; add chicken, carrots, and potato. Bake in preheated 450°F oven for 15 minutes. Combine biscuit mix, onion flakes and milk. Roll dough to fit top of casserole. Place on hot chicken mixture, prick with fork; sprinkle with 2 tablespoons bread crumbs. Return to oven and bake 15 minutes longer. Serves 4.

Let's Go Green
Green Battery Power

Green Battery Power Even when in the outdoors, technology exists in some form, be it a GPS unit, two-way radio, or a flashlight. And for the most part, technology needs power fueled by batteries, which are toxic and multiply by the thousands, if not millions, in landfills. Now you can replace those toxic batteries with the new eco-friendly Fuji EnviroMAX batteries by Fuji Batteries FDK of Japan. They don't contain cadmium or mercury, or ingredients harmful to the environment, making them disposable and landfill safe. They're also made with and packaged in recycled materials. The batteries are available in AA and AAA digital alkaline, and AA, AAA, C and D super alkaline. The super alkaline pack retails for $4 and the digital pack costs $6. Fuji Batteries: 800/467-6856; www.greenfuji.com.

Few Important Words
Wii Fit Exercise in an RV

Nintendo Wii When we first started the RV lifestyle - I was looking forward to being active. For some reason I thought that, just by virtue of living in an RV, we would be more active. I guess I had visions of hiking and biking and swimming.
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Camping Life's Corner
Perilous Plants

Plants don't often top the list when we think of dangers awaiting us outdoors, but they can carry defenses ranging from annoying thorns to dangerous poisons. If we don't treat some plants with the respect they deserve, the consequences can range from uncomfortable to deadly. As your outdoor activities heat up this summer, keep these tips in mind to help ensure your outdoor fun remains happy and safe.

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My trip journal

Follow along with RVers and travelers just like you by reading their trip journal. We've selected the best websites of people who have traveled in North America. These travelers have agreed to let us feature their website. Take a look.

More Journals

Bella Terra

Camping Bloopers

It was our first camping trip. I borrowed a friends truck and travel trailer and we were off camping. No problem towing or backing into the site as I had been pulling trailers for a while. Setting up the trailer was a breeze. Even extended the awning - no problem. Well no problem that is until it rained that night. A nice heavy thunder shower. As a novice camper I had not known to tilt the awning for the rain to run off. Well along about two in the morning I heard this crash and the camper rocked up on the jack stands and then settled back down. The awning collapsed! Getting out of the camper was fun as the awning blocked the door. Getting the camper home was fun also as I had to jury rig the awning. A new pair of support arms and it was like new!

Sheldon Kolansky

RV Buying/Selling Tips
rvSearch.com Buying Tip

Tip: Browse New Models at an RV Show

If you want to buy a new RV but haven't yet picked out a particular rig, visit an RV show in your area to help you decide on a model. Dozens of dealers and manufacturers bring an array of inventory to these consumer events, allowing you to shop around in one spot.

On a quest for the RV of your dreams? Check out the featured RV below or see more listings at rvsearch.com.

2008 Safari Passage 330

2008 Safari Passage 330

Listed price: Was $78,995
Reduced to $69,995

Contact them today to find out more about this RV, or browse their showroom for more great deals.


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