June 2009

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Woodall's & Camping Life – The Navigator, June 2009

Woodall's & Camping Life – The Navigator, June 2009
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Woodall's & Camping Life – The Navigator, June 2009

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From the pages of Camping Life Magazine Sponsored by Woodall's

Seen Through New Eyes

There's much more to Nebraska than just corn

I was standing on a hill where Lewis and Clark once surveyed the land. From my vantage point, the cool, blue Missouri River stretched from horizon to horizon, just like it had 200 years ago. A large, bright orange sun rose on the eastern horizon as I gazed out over the quiet, waking landscape, imagining the wonder, the excitement, the destiny of those early visitors to this land of northeast Nebraska. My mind wandered back to the "Corps of Discovery," as those in the Lewis and Clark expedition called themselves. Where did this magnificent river go? How much farther to the mountains? To the western sea?

We were camped on a hill overlooking the Missouri River near the mouth of the Niobrara River. It was the same place Lewis and Clark spent the night on September 4, 1804. The expedition had just finished meeting with representatives of the Yankton Sioux tribe in an effort to make peace with the Native Americans. Their journey was still young, and new adventures met them almost daily.

Sterr Museum of the Prairie PioneerNIOBRARA STATE PARK

I was also finding new adventures in the area, although not as life threatening as theirs. From our campsite on a hill in Niobrara State Park the views were spectacular and new to me. I could see miles of the Missouri River, with yellow bluffs flanking its banks on much of the far shore, and two to three miles up the Niobrara River valley.
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RVing With Your Pet
www.woodalls.com/email Camps for Dogs and Owners

When I was seven years old, I went away for two weeks to summer camp on a pristine lake near Brooks, Maine. Like many camps, the girls were on one side of the lake and the boys were on the other. I still remember almost every little detail about those two weeks. I remember our overnight hike when the counselors forgot to bring any water, so we scavenged for wild blueberries. Trust me, wild blueberries are great, but they don't do much for your thirst. I also remember the swimming and canoeing, and all the fun. Like many adults, I always wanted to go back to summer camp.

Well, I think I just found the perfect excuse for all of us to go back to summer camp: our dogs. If you long for the simple days of summer camp, you can now take your canine companion to summer camp. There are many different options, but at most of them, you get food, lodging, and lots of fun with your dog. I already did the research for you. Here are a few of the more popular dog camps and their details.

My No. 1 choice for a great doggie camp is Camp Unleashed in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts. The thing I liked the most about their philosophy is the first statement on their activities page: "No stupid pet tricks or best–of–show prizes–that's a promise."

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Miscellaneous Sponsored Section More Gadgets
Improving Motorhome Ride, Steering and Handling

Ever dream of climbing into your home on wheels, settling into the driver's compartment, buckling up and heading out to experience the vast panorama in a smooth, relaxing and enjoyable driving environment? Tackling the curves as you would with an equally priced, specialty race coupe, with a latte in one hand while the other effortlessly caresses the steering wheel and guides your steed blithely through the twists and turns on endless ribbons of concrete? Or are you like many RVers who are forced to literally maintain a white–knuckled death grip on the wheel with both hands, fighting a mere 5 MPH side breeze, constantly correcting the steering wheel, wracking back and forth so violently your holding tanks always read "Full"? Does the strain on your back and neck have you questioning whether you are indeed in your motorhome or on some exotic thrill ride at Wally World?

In truth, many, if not most, of today's motorhomes do experience some not–so–pleasant nuances with ride, handling, steering and suspension. Typically, it all relates to weight distribution and methods of counteracting the physics of propelling a motorhome down the road. Thankfully, the aftermarket is rife with products that can and will address those issues as they relate to the specifics of each motorhome. Is that to say your motorhome will gain the uniqueness of that sporty race car? Not quite, but your new vocabulary will include phrases like, "vastly improved" and "easier handling characteristics." Plus, that pounding tension headache will go away.
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Book Of The Month More Books
2009 Traveler's Guide to the Firearm Laws of the 50 States2009 Traveler's Guide to the Firearm Laws
of the 50 States

By: J. Scott Kappas, Esq.

Every RVer and traveler who carries a firearm needs to have this important guide at all times when on the road. Updated for 2009, the Traveler's Guide to the Firearm Laws of the 50 States covers all the basics for armed travel. Rules and regulations differ from state to state, so it's essential that you know them whether you are traveling within your home state or going cross country. Author and Attorney J. Scott Kappas uses case law and legal advice to address important details on weapon ownership and carrying a weapon. Don't leave home without this book, so order your new 2009 copy today!

Mark My WOrds
By Mark Nemeth

Hi, everyone!

Welcome to summer and another great year of RVing. I hope you are out there enjoying all the wonderful RVing and camping opportunities this great country offers. Keep those questions coming!

Hello, Mark:
I have a 2005 Cedar Creek 5th-wheel with four 235/85R16 original tires. I plan to pull the trailer 6000 to 7000 miles this summer. Should I get new tires, and if so, what kind of tires can I get that will last for a few years? My trailer weighs about 14,000 pounds.

Hi, Charles:
Your rig is most likely equipped with "LT" (light truck) tires, so you will have a large number of brands to choose from. Opinions vary on which tires are best for RVs, and everyone has his own favorite. In most cases, you will pay more for better quality tires, so I would avoid the very inexpensive offerings and stick to trusted brands. A basic "highway" tread pattern is fine for most trailers. It is critical that you pay close attention to the load rating of the new tires to be sure that they will carry your rig's weight safely. If your owner's manual does not call for a specific tire, work with a reputable tire shop to be sure that you purchase properly rated tires. (It's not always safe to assume that the tires that are on the rig now are actually the correct ones for the rig!) Also (even though many tire shops will tell you that you don't need to), have those wheels balanced when you have the new tires mounted. It will improve the ride for your rig and extend the life of your new tires.

I presently have two 12V deep–cycle RV batteries in my 5th–wheel and find that on cold nights they will not last more than a few hours with the furnace running when not on shore power. Both batteries have been tested and indicate that they are in good shape. I have heard that two 6V batteries are better for RVs. Can you enlighten me?
Thanks, Phil
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Do you have a question for Mark?
Please submit your question via email to woodalls@escapees.com

Please remember, material will be edited. Because of the large volume of material and correspondence submitted, individual replies will not be possible, nor can we acknowledge receipt of your material. Selected questions will be answered in future issues of the Woodall's Wisdom newsletter in the Mark, My Words column. The Mark, My Words column also appears in Escapees magazine, a bi–monthly publication of the Escapees RV Club. For more information visit www.escapees.com/magazine
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Made in America
AeroPACK Cargo Carrier

Mike Landgraf loves camping. When he had a small car, he managed to pack everything into it for camping, skiing or other outdoor vacations. But as his family grew, so did storage requirements, and along came the purchase of a bigger car, a roof rack and a roof top carrier.

All car–top cargo carriers, though, create additional wind resistance when perched up on top of the vehicle, and that burns more fuel. They can also be difficult to load and unload sitting on top of the vehicle. As a design engineer, Landgraf took on the challenge and helped create AeroPACK.

The first thing you notice about AeroPACK is that it sits behind the vehicle, eliminating drag and helping gas mileage. It's also easy to install. AeroPACK is secured with a five–point mounting system with heavy–duty hardware and webbing. It clips to a vehicle lift gate, hatchback or trunk; without racks, crossbars or extra hardware. AeroPACK is also removed quickly. Simply undo the clips, remove the pack and fold it up for storage inside your vehicle.
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Cooking On The Road area

½ pint small curd cottage cheese
2 tablespoons chopped maraschino cherries
7 tablespoons chopped walnuts
Lettuce head, washed
4 peaches, pared, pitted and halved
Sour cream or mayonnaise

Combine cottage cheese, cherries and walnuts. With a sharp knife, cut 4 slices crosswise from head of lettuce and arrange sections on serving plates. Top each section with two peach halves; fill peach centers with cottage cheese mixture. Top with sour cream or mayonnaise. Serves 4.

Miscellaneous Sponsored Section

A new chemical free cleaning system that has proven successful in Europe is making its debut in the United States. Distributed in the U.S. by TADgreen Inc., E–Cloth offers RVers and campers an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical cleaning agents that actually works better than traditional materials and is a better value.

The basic E–Cloth pack contains two specialty cloths that will clean streaks, bacteria, fingerprints and unattractive discoloration and mold, all without using chemicals. E–Cloth's microscopic texturing cleans at the microbial level to remove dust, grime, oil, grease and bacteria from any hard surface using just water.

Leaving no unhealthy chemical residue, it can be washed hundreds of times saving the use of paper towels and its landfill woes. All E–Cloths can be thrown in the laundry for cleaning and are guaranteed for 300 washes, offering consumers a safe reusable cleaning solution.

CHEMICAL-FREE CLEANING with E-CLOTH Using E–Cloth reduces the use of chemicals by up to 80 percent. Requiring only water as a catalyst for cleaning, E–Cloth fills the need for cleaning while reducing toxicity. By using E–Cloth, paper towel use can be reduced by 40 rolls per year, per household. Using E–cloth can also reduce the consumption of water in cleaning chores.

To learn more, visit www.ecloth.com. Individual E–Cloths and packs of E–Cloths retail for $10–$40.

Miscellaneous Sponsored Section
Some Less Practiced Tips on Fuel Saving while Rving

There are many ways that we can reduce fuel and related costs while enjoying travelling in our RV's. Of course, we all know that reducing speed, assuring we have the correct tire pressure, reducing idling time, and accelerating at a reasonable rate all help to contribute to better fuel mileage. There are other, less practiced means to further reduce these costs. So, let's take a look at some of them.

Weather Considerations – Winds of 15 MPH or more can have a substantial affect on increasing or reducing your vehicle's moving resistance. So much so, that on some larger vehicles a 25% or more difference can be experienced between running against a headwind, or running with one. Driving an "A" class coach that, say, averages 8 miles per gallon, typically drops about 1 mile a gallon if operating in a 15 MPH plus headwind.
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Camping Life Magazine

Camping Life's Corner

Campfire Safety

From the pages of Camping Life Magazine

Fire safety in camp is not just about helping Smokey the Bear prevent forest fires; it's also about personal safety. So how do we manage our campfires in a way that helps promote forest health and prevent painful burn injuries?

We can begin by observing these campfire safety tips.

Choose your firebase wisely. Build campfires on mineral soil, not organic material that can catch fire or smolder, even after the fire looks as if it has been put out.

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My trip journal

Follow along with RVers and travelers just like you by reading their trip journal. We've selected the best websites of people who have traveled in North America. These travelers have agreed to let us feature their website. Take a look.

More Journals

Moosineer.com Outdoor Gear

Camping Bloopers

Attack of the Maple Tree

I was impatient to clear the roadway as I was backing into a campsite with our 39 ft. Winnebago. Cars were waiting for me, so I was watching my mirrors carefully as I backed up, with my wife on one side trying to help direct me. Our coach is equipped with a rear camera and a nice color monitor on the dash, that, had I been looking at it, would have shown the fast approaching tree clearly in the center of the screen. Fiberglass does not bend well, so that tree attack cost me about $1500.

Jerry Jansen

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RV Buying Tips
RV Buying Tip, By RV Search

Tip: Is There a Warranty?

Vehicle warranties stay with the vehicle, so if you buy a used RV, whatever is left of the warranty will be transferred to you along with the RV. Get a detailed statement from the seller that specifies whether the RV is being sold to you with a warranty or "as is". Be sure to check if the manufacturer is still honoring warranty services. If not, you may be able to get serviced by other RV makers.

On a quest for the RV of your dreams? Check out the featured RV below or see more listings at rvsearch.com.

2008 Damon Essence 40B

2008 Damon Essence 40B
Listed price: Was $229,998
Reduced to $194,777

Contact them today to find out more about this RV, or browse their showroom for more great deals.

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