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Can't Login? Here are some reasons why you may be having trouble:

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Automatic Login

* When you register or manually log in, the site will attempt to set an email address cookie. When you come back to the site, the site will use the email address cookie to automatically log you in. The email address cookie is for your convenience and is optional.
* You will have to confirm your password on forms that use your personal information.
* The cookie "SID" is a mandatory cookie that is stored in your session, not on your hard drive. It lets the site know that you're still logged in.

Logging Out

* Logging out deletes your cookies that tells the site who you are.
* The next time you come to the site, you will have to log in.

What are Cookies?

The Woodall's Directory website uses cookies to hold a user's session, and email address. The email address cookie is optional, and is used to automatically log in a visitor when they return to the site.
To enable cookies in Internet Explorer:
  • Go to the Tools menu
  • select Internet Options
  • Use settings in the Security or Privacy tab to enable cookies

You can also use your browser's help menu to more accurately learn how to manage cookies.


I enter search criteria, but I don't get any results?

  • You may be entering too much information. Try fewer words.

  • If you think a facility name is 'Snowcap RV Park', try searching with just 'Snowcap'.

  • You may be misspelling the city or park name.

  • You have too many search options checked, so no facility matches your criteria.

I know where there is a facility, but it's not in the listing.

  • Woodall's Directory does not list every facility in North America.