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Welcome to New Brunswick

New Brunswick offers distinctive regions and scenic drives with their own story to showcase. Each trip will take the RVer through friendly towns and villages and beautiful landscapes.

A great introduction to New Brunswick is the Fundy Bay Coastal Drive. The Bay of Fundy's tidal action is affected by the funnel shape of the bay and by the moon's phases. Immerse yourself in nature by whale-watching and kayaking in one of the richest marine ecosystems in the world. The Bay of Fundy whales include the finback, rare right, humpback and minke. Kayak the highest tides in the world and take in dramatic coastlines, scenic inlets and secret caves.

The Bay of Fundy tides are best explored at the Hopewell Rocks, where you can walk around the famous "flowerpot rocks" at low tide then watch them slowly disappear.

The force of the Bay of Fundy tides pushes the St. John River backward. At low tide, the river empties into the bay through a narrow rocky gorge. The rising tide slows the river current to a stop and for 20 minutes a rest period allows boats to navigate the rapids. Once the tide is higher than the river, the reversal of the current occurs.

Acadian Coastal Drive
This area is as renowned for its Acadian culture as it is for its sandy beaches and beautiful destinations, including the Bouctouche Dunes and Chaleur Bay. Sample the fresh seafood, experience the living history and bask in the sun.

A highlight of the Acadian Peninsula is the Village Historique Acadien (Acadian Historical Village) located near Caraquet. The more than 40 restored buildings re-create an Acadian community between 1770 and 1949. Costumed bilingual guides tell tales of the struggle and survival of the Acadian people after their expulsion in 1755.

A natural wilderness park, Kouchibouguac National Park consists of dunes, bogs, salt marshes, lagoons and freshwater and is home to an abundance of birds.

Miramichi River Route
Go with the flow of the Miramichi River. This is the ideal place to go salmon fishing and fly-fishing. Other activities for nature lovers include kayaking, river tubing, canoeing and spotting wildlife along the mighty river.

Appalachian Range Route
New Brunswick is home to a beautiful mountain region that provides a wealth of outdoor adventures and family-friendly activities. The 400-million-year-old mountains shape a landscape where outdoors is a way of life. Adventure beckons as you journey along world-class waterways and through magnificent parks. Stop for a canoe ride, a hike, or a bike ride.

The Appalachian Range Route includes Sugarloaf Provincial Park, where you can camp or mountain bike in the summer and cross-country and downhill ski, snowshoe and snowmobile in the winter. At Mount Carleton Provincial Park enjoy a family vacation with picnicking, exploring and camping in the great outdoors. Mount Carleton and Sugarloaf both offer hiking trails and outdoor activities for the natural explorer.

In the heart of the Appalachian woodlands, explore Kedgwick Forestry Village and Museum, a 1930s heritage logging village. A guided tour of 14 woodman camps introduces you to frontier life.