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West Virginia

Total Mileage/Average drive time
46 miles, 59 minutes

Whether your idea of adventure involves planes, trains or automobiles, West Virginia can offer exciting destinations for everyone in the family, plus a little drama along the way. Follow in the footsteps of the famous feuding clans, the Hatfields and McCoys.

1) Beckley
Starting Point

The 50-year feud between the Hatfield and McCoy families is legendary, invoking love, lies and loyalties. Every summer, the famous feud fuels to life again when Theatre West Virginia performs the historical outdoor drama that narrates the battles and bloodshed between the clashing clans. Take a backstage tour of Cliffside Amphitheatre before the show and see how the special effects are created. Meet the cast as they prepare to go on stage and visit the costume shop, which is filled with hundreds of amazing gowns and uniforms.

2) Oak Hill
15 miles, 21 minutes

Depot Days is a railroad festival held every August in celebration of Oak Hill's railroad history. The century-old depot is the star of the festival, featuring Victorian architecture reminiscent of small town depots at the turn of the 20th century and loaded with railroad history. Visitors can ride on a pump car and tour the depot, one of the few buildings in town on the National Historic Registry.

3) Fayetteville
7 miles, 12 minutes

Once the world's longest steel bridge, the New River Gorge Bridge is now the fourth longest, spanning over 1,700 feet across the historic New River. Find out more about the gorge and the bridge at the visitors center, then trek out to the observation deck for spectacular views or schedule a guided bridge walk tour on the catwalk under the bridge and over the gorge. A Bridge Day Festival is held every October and includes whitewater rafting, B.A.S.E. jumps, team rappelling contests and high line rides part of the day's activities.

4) Summersville
24 miles, 26 minutes

Walk back in time at the Carnifex Ferry Battlefield State Park, an important Civil War battle site located on the rim of the Gauley River Canyon with a wonderful museum and battle reenactment every September. Then try your hand at rock climbing, mountain biking, caving or boating at Summersville Lake. If you're still seeking thrills, admire the spectacular beauty of the Lake and New River Gorge from a World War II Stearman Biplane during an aerial tour of this scenic region.