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Total Mileage/Average drive time
66 miles, 1 hour, 33 minutes

Vermont landscapes are warm and welcoming. The understated delights of St. Johnsbury and Groton State Forest's kaleidoscope of fall colors offer travelers ideal sights and memorable moments. Montpelier's small-town ambiance and Waterbury's easy charm add two more rounds of fun to your autumn adventure in Vermont.

1) St. Johnsbury
Located close to the White Mountains, where three rivers run together, Johnsbury is a gateway to Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. Pedal a bike on Johnsbury's outskirts or set out on foot to experience its small-town simplicity and lively downtown marketplace. What you see is what you get in Johnsbury, and it's all good.

2) Groton State Forest
27 miles, 39 minutes

As autumn rolls in, Groton State Forest comes alive with seasonal rich reds, rusty oranges and vibrant yellows. While you're taking in the leafy landscapes, remember to watch for area wildlife. You might hear a tweeting songbird or see a moose or black bear in Groton's mountainous terrain. Energetic visitors can also fish, hunt or go for a hike on forest trails.

3) Montpelier
26 miles, 38 minutes

Expect to experience big city flair and small town charms in Vermont's capital city. On a guided tour of the State House in downtown Montpelier, you will likely be wowed by the building's authentic gold leaf dome, polished marble floors and elegant spiral staircases. Outdoors at Hubbard Park and Tower, you can hike, ski, sled or enjoy a leisurely picnic lunch. Don't miss climbing Hubbard's 54-foot-high observation tower to view Montpelier from the city's highest vantage point.

4) Waterbury
13 miles, 16 minutes

The village of Waterbury's restored train station was constructed back in 1875 and remains in operation today. When you visit the station, stop by the Green Mountain Coffee Café and Visitor Center to sample the featured daily brew and learn how coffee beans make their way from trees to mugs. For dessert, tour the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory, where you can watch a video about company history, monitor the manufacturing process and taste the frosty flavor of the day.