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Spotlight on:
The Avalon Region

Experience North America’s oldest European settlements amid stunning scenery

Newfoundland/Labrador’s compelling community of Avalon bears a fitting name, reminiscent of the legend and romanticism of its misty, Arthurian island counterpart. This is where Newfoundland and North America begins. Cape Spear Lighthouse National Historic Site is perched on a rugged cliff on the continent's most easterly point.

The provincial capital of St. John's, the oldest and most easterly city in North America, is a combination of big-city luxury and small-town charm. Wander the narrow, criss-crossing streets past colorful jellybean row houses wedged together along the sides of steep hills. In the center of the entertainment district, George Street is two blocks of bars, pubs and restaurants.

Visit Quidi Vidi, a charming village-within-a-city, and hike up nearby Signal Hill through the Battery, where tiny wooden homes cling to cliff sides. Cabot Tower guards the top of Signal Hill. Here, Marconi famously received his first transmission across the Atlantic in 1901.

Perched high above the city, The Rooms unites the Provincial Archives, Art Gallery, and Museum. Its unique design mirrors the "fishing rooms" where families came together to process their catch. The Rooms offers panoramic vistas of St. John's and its harbor.

History thrives in Brigus. The town's well-kept old-style architecture, rustic stone walls, green gardens, and winding narrow lanes are reflective of its English, Irish, and Welsh heritage.

Visit Hawthorne Cottage National Historic Site, the former home of Captain Bob Bartlett, who was hailed as the greatest ice navigator of the 20th century. A wonderland for birdwatchers, Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve is the most accessible seabird rookery in North America.

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