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Los Angeles

Shine like a star in the spectacular City of Angels

Los Angeles, California, feels like everyone's hometown. Anyone who has ever gone to the movies or switched on a television has had a piece of L.A. in their living room. Even though you might think you know L.A., this town has a lot to offer that you'll never see on the silver screen.

RV Parks
You might not think of L.A. as a camping kind of town. Indeed, it's hard to imagine a motorhome cruising down Rodeo Drive? However, the city and surrounding areas boast nearly 50 RV parks waiting for visitors to get a taste of the L.A. lifestyle. From Beach Boys to California Girls, camping is a perfect way to see the "left coast" and take in all the experiences sprawling Los Angeles has to offer.

L.A. has over 75 miles of beaches from Venice to Malibu to Santa Monica. If it's sun and surf that makes you happy, then L.A. is your beach town. Spend a day in San Pedro at White Point/Royal Palms Beach and see sea creatures up close and personal. You'll be able to walk in the saltwater pools that are left when the tide rolls away and see what remains. You're sure to get a surprise or two. Shoot on down to Redondo Beach, where you can either bring your own board or rent one and ride the waves. If that's a bit too wild for your blood, you can watch as others surf. There is also fishing, biking and volleyball.

While you're beach hopping, you'll need to check out the Point Fermin Lighthouse in San Pedro. This light was the first navigational light in San Pedro Bay. You can stroll the grounds and even take a tour of the light, and here's the best part–admission is free!

Amusement Parks & Studio Tours
Before Walt Disney found inexpensive land in Florida, he lived in Los Angeles, and the first park he built was in Anaheim. Disneyland is still a very vibrant park full of Disney magic and, of course, Mickey Mouse. Right next door is California Adventure, where wild rides and compelling attractions lure folks to live out their own California dreams. Theme park fans can also hit Universal Studios and Six Flags Magic Mountain—all in L.A.

If you're a movie buff you'll want to sign up for a studio tour at Universal, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures or Sony Pictures. Make sure you take paper and a pen just case you run into someone famous so you can get an autograph.

Where The Movie Stars Live
Want to see where Marilyn Monroe lived? The best way to catch a glimpse of her house and others is to take a sightseeing tour. There are many tour groups that operate in L.A. Some give public tours while others offer private charters. Some even have off/on double-decker buses that make a loop around the city once an hour. You definitely should check out one of the best ways to see the city and let someone else worry about where to park.

Live Studio Audiences
Have you ever wondered how the people you hear laughing in the background of your favorite TV sitcom got tickets? Well, they signed up for tickets and then went to Burbank to see the show. You can get tickets to be on some of your favorite game shows, too. There are a variety of web sites where you order your chance to be a part of fandom in shows from late-night variety to daytime fun.

Channel Islands National Park
Your trip to Los Angeles has to include a day trip to the Channel Islands National Park. This park is one of the least visited of America's national parks because it's not so easy to get to. You have to take a boat to reach the park but this excursion will be so, so worth it.

There are five islands in the chain: Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, San Miguel and Santa Barbara. There are also over 2,000 species of plant and wildlife on the islands, and because of the isolation, 145 of those can't be found any place else on earth.

You can kayak, boat, swim and snorkel. Maybe you'd like to hike, bird watch or take pictures of the beautiful wildflowers that are abundant in the park.

Hollywood Sign
There is one last stop you have to make on your trip to L.A. Visit the most famous sign in the entire world—the Hollywood Sign. The hike to the summit of Mt. Lee starts in Griffith Park and is about a mile and a half, one way. That doesn't seem like a big deal for any experienced hiker, but be warned, it's pretty steep. You'll climb about 600 feet, so be sure to take water and sunscreen. Once you reach the top, you'll be able to see the entire city. Plus, you can see the sign up close. A fence prohibits people from touching the sign, but you can still get darn close.

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