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Fish the Gulf of Mexico and explore inland waters and wetlands to your heart's (and palate's) content

Whether you're into deep sea or inland, freshwater or swamp, the liberal fishing limits and tropical climate make Houma the best fishing region in Louisiana. Bring your tackle. There's plenty of fish to go around.

The fishing regions around Houma and the incorporated towns of Cocodrie, Dulac, Pointe Aux Chenes, Bayou Dularge and Chauvin are home to coastal fishing, inland fishing, deep sea fishing, swamp and fly fishing, rodeos and fishing tournaments.

If you like variety in your fishing haul, it should also be mentioned that Houma and the surrounding fishing regions are habitat for one of the most diverse combinations of fish anywhere on earth. With a rod and reel, you can pull in amberjack, bass, black drum, catfish, cobia, flounder, grouper, king mackerel, redfish, red snapper, speckled trout, shark, tuna, and yellowtail all day long. Keep in mind, the fishing regions around Houma offer some of the largest catch limits in the country.

When travelers talk about exploring the coastal wetlands and swamp regions of southern Louisiana, they're talking about travelling along meandering bayous under a canopy of 100-year-old cypress trees, watching for birds, snakes, turtles and big gators.

The wetlands and swamps of southern Louisiana are breathtaking to behold. In the spring, the indigenous flowers bloom and the wildlife thrive. In the warmth of the summer, the wetlands come alive—alligators are slowly on the move, the blue herons and white egrets take to the air.

If the mystery and the excitement of an authentic Louisiana swamp tour is part of your travel itinerary, then look no further than Houma—the gateway to real Louisiana Cajun Country. With more than 2,500 square miles of swamps and wetlands, Louisiana swamp tours don't get any better than those around Houma. Bird watchers and alligator enthusiasts alike will be thrilled by these guided tours of wildlife refuges, marshes, swamps, and bayous.

Hit the Swamp
Don't know where to begin? Let Houma be your next starting point and learn what brings millions of visitors to Southern Louisiana each year. Located only 55 miles southwest of New Orleans and 20 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, Houma has swamp and wildlife tours to fit every interest and lifestyle.

Take a guided wetland tour cruise and snap photos of 15-foot alligators, snapping turtles and more than 250 species of exotic birds. Charter an airboat. You can go where no other kind of boat can go. An airboat lets you speed across the water on the ride of your life! Take a deep backwater tour into ecologically sensitive areas and learn about centuries of history and ecology in the wetlands. For those who prefer a leisurely swamp cruise, try one with a singing guide. Let a real Cajun songwriter be your guide through the waters around Houma.

Enjoy a traditional wetlands photography tour where you'll glide through a cypress swamp, cross pristine lakes and snap photos of the bayou. You're guaranteed a chance to look back in time and see the wetlands just the way the earliest explorers did.

Visit a wildlife garden and take a nature trail walking tour through a cypress swamp. See a real alligator farm. Catch and hold baby alligators. See large alligators as part of a live show.

If you're someone who loves a long road trip in the RV—especially one with lots of interesting, varied scenery that's rich in natural splendor—there may not be a better place to steer your wheels than down to Houma in Southern Louisiana.

You can drive from coast to coast and never see the kinds of scenery and wildlife that you would see down around Houma. If you've never been to the area, it should be mentioned that Route 182 (also known as Louisiana Highway 182) stretches across a good bit of southern Louisiana. Down in the Houma region, Route 182 is a scenic stretch from Lake Palourde in the west, down through the southern end of Houma, and then back up to Louisiana Highway 1 by Raceland. And although it's all beautiful and unique countryside, the parts around Houma are simply the best.

If you're looking to take some time away from the rigors of daily life, a relaxing road trip through Cajun Country will afford you plenty to see and do. If you're headed east on Route 182, you can take a number of side road trips from junctions near the southern end of Houma. For instance, State Route 315, which is also known as Bayou Dularge Road, will take you south past the Mandalay National Wildlife Refuge, Lake De Cade, and deep into the bayous themselves. The wetlands south of Houma are home to alligators, snapping turtles, otters, wildcats, black bears, and more than 250 species of exotic birds. So, make sure to pack your camera for the road trip.

See Some Sea Food
Are you a seafood lover? Have we got a road trip idea for you! If you get on Grand Caillou Road (Louisiana Highway 57) from Route 182, you'll go south past Lake Boudreau and Shrimper's Row down to where the road becomes Bayou Sale Road and turns north at Little Caillou Road. This is a great little excursion from Route 182, as travelers get to see Lake Quitman and the Cocodrie Marine Terminal. The route also takes you north via Highway 56 through an area known for some of the best seafood in Terrebonne Parish.

There's almost no end to day trips and off-the-beaten-path excursions when you're on a road trip through the Houma region. Plus, as an added benefit, travelers down and around Houma are warmly welcomed to some of the best food, entertainment and camping in all of southern Louisiana.

Houma is the place to stop during your road trip if you're looking for authentic gumbo, étouffée, jambalaya and poboy sandwiches. Houma is also the home of an authentic Cajun Mardi Gras celebration every ear—with floats, beads and trinkets galore!

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