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Many dream of touring the U.S., Canada and Mexico with the ultimate freedom only an RV can offer. But before rushing out to buy an RV, let help you make all the right choices. allows you to search for trusted RV sales dealers by state or region. If you’ve never owned or traveled in an RV, the first thing RV sales experts will suggest is to rent an RV, even if just for a weekend. Your idea of RV travel may be significantly different from reality and the only way to find out for sure is to take a road trip in an RV.

RVsOf course, there’s a lot more to buying an RV than test driving one at a dealer, which you can find by searching our RV sales database. There’s also a lot more to driving an RV than just getting behind the wheel. RV driving is different, but not difficult.

You may also want to visit an RV Show, which is a great way to “kick the tires” of a multitude of vehicles. RV shows are a great resource for researching the type of RV that fits your lifestyle and bank account. Here you can also learn about all the different places you can visit in your RV, as well as see all the latest gadgets and gears available in the market. But when purchasing an RV, it’s best to work with a dealer you know and trust and where you can return if you have any issues. Remember, you can browse RV sales dealers by state and region at

Another good source for information on purchasing an RV are online discussion groups or forums, such as Woodall’s Open Road forums. Here, you can chat with other RV enthusiasts, who can help you with purchasing decisions by sharing their unique experiences. You’ll learn that RVers are always helpful and eager to share their knowledge about the lifestyle they’ve grown to love.

If you think you’re ready to make the leap, keep reading this next article to learn about insuring your RV investment.