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If you’ve got the itch to hit the open road in an RV, it makes sense to consider RV rentals before buying what may be the most significant purchase you’ll make outside of your home. Renting an RV is a pretty popular travel option… probably more so than you ever would’ve thought.

And is the best place to find RV rentals from reputable dealers. You can search our database of dealers for RV rentals by state or region. You should contact at least two near you or your destination to compare the cost of RV rentals.

An RV rental is perfect for those who want to try out the RV experience, use one only a few times a year during vacation or want to test drive different types of RVs before purchasing one.

RVsIf you want to ultimately purchase an RV but have not experienced motorhome travel, experts advise you to take a road trip in the type of RV you think you want at least once. Sometimes, people find out they need a lot less than they what they believe they want or discover that features they didn’t previously consider are actually must-haves.

The majority of RV rentals are by people who wouldn’t use their motorhome enough to justify owning one or first-timers. Not only do RV rentals allow for great family bonding experiences and lifelong memories, they have also been found to be more economical than other types of vacations.

In an analysis comparing the costs of different types of vacation travel, RV rentals were found to be significantly cheaper. In a Vacation Cost Comparison study that was commissioned by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, travel by RV rentals were 27 to 61 percent less expensive than other types of vacations studied. The report was completed in 2008 when gasoline was more than $3.50 per gallon.

If you are considering renting a traditional motorhome, you will need to decide among Class A and Class C RV rentals. Class A RVs are the biggest, usually 30- to 40-feet long, and most luxurious; Class C is the most popular, ranging from 20- to 31-feet in length. Another type of RV rentals available are Class B, which are van conversions. Towable options include travel trailers, folding camping trailers, fifth-wheel trailers and truck campers.

If you still have questions about why you should rent an RV, feel free to visit Woodall’s Open Roads Forums, where you can get personal advice from experienced RVers. There’s no better way to make an informed decision than by getting help from someone who’s lived the lifestyle for years.