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Although the United States consists of 50 separate and unique states, we often combine them into distinct regions, especially when it comes to exploring our nation. That’s why when you plan your next RV camping or family camping trip, know that offers the best source for finding RV campgrounds, RV resorts and RV parks. makes it easy for you to find that perfect RV campground, RV resort or RV park for your next camping adventure, no matter which region you choose to visit. The six natural regions of the U.S. — New England, Mid-Atlantic, South, Midwest, Southwest and West — were not created by government actions but by the unique history, geography, folklore and ways of life in these inspiring areas. They also closely mimic the regions of Woodall’s campground regional guides.

RVs Our nation began in New England, which makes it a great place to explore our country’s roots at many early American historical sites. It’s also considered the birthplace of American literature and education. No region boasts more impressive and storied universities, including Harvard, which was founded in 1636. can help you find the best RV campgrounds, RV resorts and RV parks when visiting New England, whether it’s to explore America’s founding or the stunning colors of fall.

The Mid-Atlantic is where America became the melting pot it is known to be the world over. Industry is the trademark of this region, which attracted millions of immigrants to jobs in iron, glass and steel. The great eastern rivers also play a part in creating the Mid-Atlantic region. Long before trains and trucking, it was the rivers that were the economic lifeline of the country. So, whether you are looking to visit Washington D.C., New York City or the region’s pastoral farmlands, can help you find the right RV campground, RV resort or RV park.

No region has been written about more than the South. Obviously, the South offers an excellent opportunity for those interested in the Civil War, from visiting Fort Sumter in South Carolina, where the War Between the States began, or some of its most storied battlefields. But the South is so much more with its striking coastlines and islands to the Blue Ridge Mountains and Appalachia, to the Ozark swamps. Regardless of your destination, you’re sure to find an RV campground, RV resort or RV park that fit your needs at

The great American “breadbasket” dominates the Midwest, but it is not its only trademark. The Midwest is home to the Great Lakes and its beautiful coastlines and islands. The intellectual center of the Midwest is Chicago, home of American characters ranging from Mrs. O’Leary’s cow to Al Capone. When visiting the Midwest, can help you find the perfect RV campgrounds, RV resorts and RV parks.

Anyone who remembers watching John Wayne movies or reading Zane Grey novels knows the Southwest was once an inhospitable place, primarily populated by Native American tribes that learned to survive here thousands of years before settlers arrived. Water and wind shaped this region even more than the people who live and visit here. From the water that carved the Grand Canyon to the winds that created Monument Valley, the Southwest is a truly unique region of the country. If you want to go rafting down the Colorado, is the perfect place to search for RV campgrounds, RV resorts and RV parks in that area.

No region has the variety found in the Far West. From the volcanoes along the Ring of Fire, to the tree-studded forests of the Northwest, to the striking shoreline of California to the glorious beaches of Hawaii, to the winter wonderland that is Alaska, the West has something for everyone.

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