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Many campers love to spend a week camping, which is what many campgrounds are set up for. However, other campers have the desire for extended stay camping, meaning weeks, months and possibly even a year at their favorite campground. This is also called "seasonal camping" because it often coincides with the seasons of the year. Maybe you like to spend the cold winter months in warmer climates, or maybe you want to visit friends and family for a few months with the benefit of having your own place to stay. Maybe you’re retired and want to see the countryside with extended visits at each location. Whatever the reasons that draw you to extended stay camping, extended stay campgrounds are all over the country.

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Tips & Hints

  1. When you’re enjoying extended stay camping, be sure to maintain your RV. Check the tires monthly, as they will lose pressure. Run the engine periodically to keep everything charged and running smoothly. Check fluid levels before heading to your next destination.
  2. Make sure your RV has all the essential amenities that you can’t live without, but also try to economize space. RVs are wonderful for extended stay camping, but they can get cramped if you fill them with items you rarely or never use. Also, be sure to get smaller versions of what you use at home.
  3. Be sure to bring extras! If you have the space, bring extra batteries, bungee cords, oil, first aid necessities, and other items that will be needed regularly. Bring spare parts for things that might break easily from everyday use. Bring back up light bulbs.
  4. Make the campsite comfortable. If there’s a lack of shade, set up an awning or gazebo. If you’re camping during bug season, bring an enclosed gazebo or netting for your RV awning. Bring your favorite camping chair. If your campsite isn’t comfortable, you won’t enjoy your trip as much as you could.
  5. Bring a variety of clothes. Weather can be unpredictable, even in the most predictable of seasons and locations. Be sure you have clothes for all temperatures and that you have enough blankets for the coldest of nights.

When staying at an extended stay seasonal campground, you’ll have the benefit of an established homestead. The hassle of packing and unpacking, of preparing your items for travel, of setting up and taking down your campsite every other day can be avoided. It is a great way to spend months at a time in one location. You have the option of lounging around the campground or taking day trips to sites near the park. Many extended stay campgrounds offer amenities like pools, lounges, tennis courts and even golf courses. With so many things to do at or around the campground, there are many opportunities for rest, relaxation and exploration!

Extended stay campgrounds offer excellent discounts for extended stay camping, and some even offer positions in the park in lieu of paying camping fees. This makes extended stay camping affordable and viable. When selecting your extended stay campground, make sure that it has everything you want from your camping experience, and sit back and enjoy the wonders of extended stay camping!

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