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One Tank Trip for Utah Camping

Total mileage / average drive time:
150 miles – 3 hours, 1 minute

As a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, Utah is filled with diverse landscapes and contains the greatest concentrations of unique and alarmingly beautiful geological features in the world. Twisting canyons, sheer mountains, spires and buttes dominate the landscape and combine to create a startling and picturesque state eager to show you what a good time is all about!

Monument Valley
We’re going to start our trip in Monument Valley, right on the border of Arizona. Take a good look around, seem familiar? It just might; this area has been the setting for more Western movies than you can shake a stick at! With unique sandstone formations throughout the area, you’ll find a wealth of interesting stuff from incredible Anasazi sites to the Dark Canyon, a popular area for hikers. But, if you really want a first hand account of the area, opt for a Monument Valley tour. Navajo-owned, expert guides will take you to places few have ventured and offer first hand experiences of Navajo customs and culture. There are several tours available ranging from a short hour and a half loop to overnight trips with dinner, entertainment and breakfast.

49.3 miles – 1 hour, 8 minutes
From Monument Valley, hop on US-163N which will turn into US-191N right before you get to our next stop, Bluff, about 50 miles away. Bluff is tiny, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in spectacular scenery and unique history. You’ll find several historic sandstone homes, built between 1890 and 1905, with much of the historic district encompassing the original 1880 town site. You will notice three distinct features of the town right away—on either side of Bluff are Locomotive Rock, named for its resemblance to a locomotive and Twin Rocks, which symbolizes the Navajo Twins of the Navajo creation tradition. Finally, the Bluff Ballroom is one of the most interesting sites in tiny Bluff. Comprised of a large natural alcove in sandstone, the Ballroom has been used by residents since the late 1800s as a gathering place and dances that still go on today.

25.8 miles – 35 minutes
Moving on, return to US-191N for 28 miles into Blanding. With the Colorado Plateau dominating the scenery, Blanding is central to just about everything an outdoor enthusiast loves about Utah. As the gateway to the Trail of the Ancients, you’ll have easy access to Hovenweep National Monument and Natural Bridges Monument. Be sure to venture to town for a little exploring. Blanding has much to offer in the way of unique Native American art and jewelry and great restaurants if you get tired of fending for yourself out there on the trail.

20.6 miles – 22 minutes
From Blanding, it’s back to US-191N for a short 21 mile drive to Monticello. Situated at the edge of the Abajo Mountains, Monticello is a little place with a lot going for it. As a home base, you’ll have easy access to the Needles District, the bordering Abajo Mountains and a wealth of recreation opportunities. Golf is one of this quaint town’s main attractions and a great place to practice your swing. And the view? Spectacular!

54.1 miles – 57 minutes
An easy 54 mile drive on US-191N brings you to our last destination, Moab. It seems we saved one of the best places for last! Moab is one of the most popular destinations in the state, surrounded by glorious red rock scenery, Moab is world famous as a base camp for travelers looking to do some mountain biking, river trips or hiking. A short distance from Moab, you’ll find Dead Horse Point State Park, which offers amazing views of the meandering Colorado River some 2,000 feet below. Just five miles north, you’ll find the world’s largest concentration of natural sandstone arches at Arches National Park. Set yourself up to take a tour of the beautiful vineyards within short distance of the city. Take a tour, taste a little wine; it’s the perfect way to relax after a hike.

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