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One Tank Trip for South Texas Camping

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RV enthusiasts tend to be the exploring, adventurous type, and there are fewer places on the map that embody that spirit like the southern part of Texas, making this section of the state perfect for the RVer. This is where the new world and the old world meet, where cultures blend, and you can either spend your nights under the stars like a pioneer of old, or by dancing the night away in the hottest nightclubs in San Antonio.

We begin this one tank trips vacation at the town of Junction, a popular spot for visitors who love the great outdoors. You can camp, fish, and go canoeing pretty much the whole year-round in these parts. Junction’s also considered the gateway to Texas Hill Country, a section of Texas camping that’s comprised of rugged, rolling hills, a multitude of caves to explore, and five separate rivers that flow through this region. The wineries and vineyards found in Hill Country form the nucleus of the Texas wine industry, so take a few samples of the fruit of the vine while you’re here. Due to a steady increase in tourism, Hill Country has been rated the #1 Vacation Spot in America (New York Times, 2008), and is the second most popular destination for retirees (Florida being first). Come see for yourself what all the fuss is about. These folks just might be onto something.

After heading east for 2 miles, you’ll merge with the southbound US-83 and take it a little more than 70 miles into Concan, another premium spot to pull over and enjoy the outdoors. In addition to camping and canoeing, you can knock a few golf balls around at the local courses. As you take a scenic drive along the Frio River, you’ll find plenty of excellent spots to make camp and relax. This area has several parks and natural areas to investigate, including Kickapoo Caverns, Lost Maples, and the ominously named Devil’s Sinkhole.

The town of Uvalde awaits your arrival a mere 20 miles south on the US-83. Wildlife enthusiasts are drawn to the caves around Uvalde, which are home to large flocks of bats, sometimes numbering into the thousands. The best time to see these creatures is shortly before sunset, as they burst from their caves and shoot hundreds of feet into the air like a swirling black cloud. This nightly nature show can last as much as two hours or more, and is quite an impressive – and unnerving – sight to see.

The romantic and historic city of San Antonio awaits your arrival, a little more than 80 miles east from Uvalde on the US-90. One of the most popular tourist destination here is The Alamo, where a handful of brave Americans stood their ground against impossible odds and fought with courage and determination that’s remembered to this day. Once you step inside this historic landmark, you can almost smell the gunpowder and hear the battle cries of Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie echoing through time. The Riverwalk is another big draw, consisting of several shops and restaurants along a section of the San Antonio River. The walkway winds along the riverbanks and under bridges and is a beautiful experience no matter what time of day; but at night – particularly sunset – is when it’s most recommended to visit, especially with a loved one. Stroll hand-in-hand and watch the night come alive as the sun sinks beyond the horizon, or enjoy the view from any of the many riverside restaurants that serve some of the best Tex-Mex cuisine to be found in all of Texas.

When it’s time to move on, head west on the I-10 for a little less than 30 miles until you come to Boerne, which is widely renowned for being a haven for antique lovers. No doubt you’ll find that special little something that you’ve just got to take home with you. The Texas camping area around Boerne is chock full of activities to keep you occupied, such as arts and crafts shops and galleries, and a cave that’s so immense it’s home to a 100-foot waterfall! When they say everything’s bigger in Texas, they’re not kidding!

The return one tank trips adventure to Junction is an easy 77 miles on the westbound I-10. Why not take another day and see why this area is so popular with tourists and retirees. Who knows, maybe it’ll capture your heart, too.

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