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One Tank Trip for Rhode Island Camping

Total mileage / average drive time:
45 miles – 1 hour, 13 minutes

Surrounded by Connecticut and Massachusetts, Rhode Island is a petite state in the heart of New England. Overflowing with history, legend, unsurpassed beauty and 400 miles of shoreline, it may be the smallest state, but is loaded with enough good stuff we RVers crave to give those bigger guys a run for their money.

Hope Valley
We’re going to kick it off in Hope Valley, a small village just a few short miles from the border of Connecticut and even closer to Big River. With a total area of over 8,000 acres, Big River contains exceptionally lush green forests and delicate wetlands. Feel free to set up camp and indulge yourself in the beauty of the area while you hike, fish, do a little birdwatching, or take off on your mountain bike to explore the area. For the angler, you’ll want to make your way to Beach Pond where you can cast your line to land the big one. Wouldn’t it be something to catch the biggest fish you’ve ever landed in the smallest state in the country?

29 miles – 42 minutes
Head out of Hope Valley on RI-3N, making a right turn at RI-102N, then a sharp left at RI-94N. Follow RI-94N in to our next stop, Foster. The total mileage for this leg is around 29 miles. There are few places who hold preservation of the past as important as the good folks in Foster, who want to maintain and preserve every inch of their colonial heritage and historic buildings such as the Foster Town Building, the oldest government meeting house of its type found in the US and where town meetings have been held continuously since 1801. The Foster Preservation Society houses an impressive collection of photographs, maps and nearly 700 documents in the lower level of the Old Town Building and whether you’re tracing your family’s roots or have an interest in history, don’t pass up the chance to peruse the collection.

6.4 miles –13 minutes
From Foster, return to RI-94 heading north, turning right onto US 44 heading east. It’s a short but scenic 10 miles to our next destination, Glocester. Established in 1639, Glocester once contained the likes of eleven different villages and all but three have been lost to time. If you look closely at the names of swimming holes and businesses throughout the area, you’ll find vestiges of them still lingering. A few have managed to flourish, like the quaint village of Chepachet, the first village in the state to be placed on the national register. You’ll find a thriving community, a wonderfully preserved wooden bridge where Betty the Learned Elephant lost her life in 1826 and if you happen to be in town on the 4th of July, you’ll witness the Ancients and Horribles Parade held annually since 1926. Lucky for you, this area is so overflowing with immaculately restored period buildings, you won’t need to strain your imagination when you try to picture those simpler times of early 1800s. Put on your walking shoes and take a walking tour past the Masonic Hall, Hawkins’ Store, several Greek Revival buildings and the Tavern on Main, once the headquarters during the Dorr Rebellion. For a little town, you’ll find an abundance of interesting sites.

9.6 miles – 17 minutes
Make your way back to US-44, once again heading east and in less than 9 miles you should arrive at our last stop, Harmony. Located in the eastern part of the Glocester Township, Harmony lies along two ancient Indian trails, now known as Putnam Pike and Snake Hill Road. When you’ve had your fill of this historic village and just want to let your hair down with some awesome outdoor activity, head to the Waterman Reservoir, just southeast of Harmony. Covering around 270 acres, this massive body of water is just what the doctor ordered to cool you off and really get some R and R---Rod and Reel time in! Whether you’re spinning, baitcasting or fly fishing your chances are always good to land a bluegill, smallmouth bass or steelhead trout. Remember, nobody leaves until you catch the biggest fish in the smallest, but always inviting state of Rhode Island!

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