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One Tank Trip for Ohio Camping

Total mileage / average drive time:
128 miles – 2 hours, 28 minutes

Here’s one of our favorite recipes: Add a dash of beautiful Mennonite and Amish culture, stir in the rolling, wooded foothills of the Allegheny Mountains and the incredible Appalachian Mountain ranges, shake in small towns and farms, add a handful of state parks and hiking trails, a pinch of culturally rich urban areas and a cup of recreation. Now, stir and you’ve got one of the most popular destinations in the Midwest; Ohio!

We’re going to start our great RV adventure through Ohio in beautiful Sandusky. Now, if you’ve never been this far up north in Ohio, Sandusky is going to be a very pleasant surprise. Resting on the shores of Lake Erie, Sandusky is a top destination for locals as well as travel savvy RVers. Hiring a charter, you can set out and explore the Lake Erie Islands, which offer a spectacular view of the surrounding area. Pick an island, any island, rent a bike or golf cart and set to exploring the many restaurants, shops and historic buildings on the islands. Or, ride to the beach and cast your line and enjoy a quiet day of sunning and fishing. Renting a kayak, you have at least 17 miles of pristine coastline to explore. Each island has its own unique personality and don’t be surprised if you can’t decide which one is your favorite! Make your way back to the mainland and discover the world’s best amusement park for 13 years running, Cedar Point. Hope you’re rested up and ready to go because Cedar Point is no run of the mill amusement park—it is spread across 364 acres and contains more than 150 rides, shows and attractions and the largest collection of roller coasters in the world. C’mon, you know you want to ride them all!

65 miles – 1 hour, 14 minutes
From incredible Sandusky, let’s make our way to OH-2E, merging onto I-90E for the 65 mile trip into Cleveland. Cleveland Rocks! And if you want to see this city’s incredible contribution to Rock ‘n Roll, you better head to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum where you’ll find an enormous amount of trivia, posters, photos and more. If you’re thinking about getting the band back together, you’ll definitely want to let them know to meet you in Cleveland who has had a hand in opening the door for many now big name acts---so there’s still hope for you to see your name in lights! Wouldn’t your RV make a great tour bus? At the International Womens Air and Space Museum, you’ll find all the wonderful contributions made by the ladies in air and space flight in many of their rotating exhibits and if you travel to North Coast Harbor, you’ll discover one of the jewels of the city, the USS Cod, a retired WWII submarine, the only such vessel to be kept intact. Feel free to climb the ladders and explore!

39.2 miles – 43 minutes
Leave Cleveland via I-77S to arrive 39 miles later at our next stop, Akron. When you’re able to mix the best of an urban center with the wilds of the great outdoors, you’ve got the perfect blend for a getaway destination. In Akron, you’ll find such a blend and you can start your adventures at the Virginia Kendall Park where you’ll find a network of hiking trails taking you through gorgeous scenery or do a little bird watching or horseback riding. Don’t shy away from this great park in the winter months because the snow bluffs here are the perfect terrain to polish up your ice skating, snowshoeing or cross country skiing. Speaking of skiing—another great destination is the Boston Mills/Brandywine Ski Resort, boasting 19 slopes, skiers of all ages and levels will enjoy testing their skills or just fine tuning them and if you didn’t remember to bring your snowboard, you can always rent one! Before you leave, visit the Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens, the former home of industrialist, F.A. Seiberling. Tour the gardens, have a peek inside the manor, one of the finest examples of Tudor Revival. You’ll also find the Corbin Conservatory on the grounds, made up of over 4,000 panes of laminated glass, it is a work of art.

23.9 miles – 31 minutes
Make your way back to I-77S for the quick 23 mile trip to our last stop, Canton. This incredible city has the apt nickname of “America’s Playing Field” and is home to the only Pro Football Hall of Fame. You’ll find a huge array of artifacts from jerseys and the game ball from opening kickoff at the New Meadowlands Stadium to Marion Motley’s player contract. It’s all right here under one roof and any fan of football shouldn’t hesitate to spend some time discovering all the great pieces of memorabilia housed here. Canton is also widely known for its superb golf courses, 21 in all. Bring your clubs, you won’t want to miss a tee time! Round out your trip on a peaceful and historical adventure on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, one of the oldest tourist excursions in the country. It’s a wonderful way to see the wonderful Ohio countryside, enjoy the company of family and friends and have a light snack as you cruise along. Cruises vary in length, so you’re sure to find the one that fits your itinerary perfectly. Now, about getting that band back together…

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