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Folks who live in the Buckeye State know exactly what it is that draws tourists to Ohio. You’ve got wide expanses of natural wonder to feast your eyes upon, along with state-of-the-art, forward-thinking metropolitan areas to stimulate your senses, and let’s not forget Ohio is home to one of the first (and easily one of the most famous) amusement centers in the world – Coney Island.

Your eyes are in for a major treat in Columbus, as it’s the location of the Whetstone Park of Roses. This beautiful flower garden spreads across 13 acres and features over 10,000 rose bushes, along with various gardens devoted to other flora, such as daffodils, herbs, and miniature roses. Best of all, there’s no charge for admission, and it’s located in the heart of the equally lovely Whetstone Park. Columbus’ German Village is an interesting neighborhood, comprised of homes and shops that were built in the 1800s by German immigrants. More than 1600 of these buildings have been restored to their original condition and consist of churches, a sausage house, and art galleries. The Kelton House is a site worth an investigation, as it’s a meticulously restored Victorian townhouse that now serves as a museum filled with artifacts and mementoes from the 19th century, giving you a peek into the rich history from that era. The Kelton family maintained this home for more than a century, and you’ll be awed by the sense of elegance from that bygone age.

Getting back on the road to continue your Ohio camping trip, drive a little more than 60 miles across the westbound I-70 until you come to the southbound I-75, which you’ll take for about 7 miles into your next stop, Dayton. One of the biggest attractions here is unquestionably the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and Museum, the largest military air museum in the world. An impressive collection of military aircraft runs the gamut from the earliest armed fighter craft to the latest stealth planes, and you’ll see the inner workings of these fascinating planes, such as engines, navigation equipment, and weaponry. For even the casual enthusiast, the Wright-Patterson Museum is a definite destination spot on your way through Dayton. For a shift in tone, take a look at the Carillon Historical Park, which rests on nearly 70 acres near the Great Miami River. A great many of our most useful inventions came from geniuses from this area, and many examples of these gadgets are on display here at the Historical Park. Among the hundreds of exhibits, you’ll see the Wright Flyer and the first automotive self-starting engine, as well as several artifacts that showcase Dayton’s pioneer history and its importance as a transportation center near the Erie Canal. It’s a fascinating place, and a great way to spend a few hours. If you’re in Dayton anywhere from Thursday to Sunday, make sure to take a walk along the 2nd Street Market, where you’ll have your pick of fruits and vegetables from local farms, as well as crafts, artwork, and flowers, all from local folks who make up the market’s vendors. After all, you’ll probably want some snacks for the road, right?

When you are ready to pack it in, head south on the I-75 for 45 miles, which takes you into your final stop on this one tank trips vacation, Cincinnati. Among the many places of interest here in the big city, the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden should be part of your featured destinations. This world-class zoo features a wide array of birds, mammals, and reptiles living in masterfully-designed habitats which have to be seen to be believed. You’ll be able to get face-to-face with giraffes, polar bears, and various species of jungle cats. Take a trip out to Monkey Island and see the snow monkeys swing and chatter and do what monkeys do. In one special exhibit, it’s perpetually night, so you can witness nocturnal creatures in their own element. It’s easy to see why the zoo and adjoining botanical gardens are rated the #1 family exhibits in Cincinnati. Of course, the world famous Coney Island brings fun and adventure to a whole new level. An Ohio camping trip just wouldn't be complete without stopping here. This classic park is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world, with origins that date back to the late 1800s. With rides, attractions and shows, you’ll have the time of your life, while still enjoying a sense of history that only somewhere like Coney Island can offer.

So fire up the rig and point it toward the Buckeye State. You’re in for a one tank trips vacation you’ll always remember.

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