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One Tank Trip for Nevada Camping

Map of NevadaNevada is truly for the ambitious. It's one of the few places you can ski in the morning, play golf in the afternoon, hike some trails, jump on an ATV, and kayak down river...all in one day. From the rugged and untamed Cowboy Country in the north, to the gambler's paradise in the south, one visit here, and you just might never want to leave!

Our first Nevada RV camping stop has been widely known as a playground for the rich, and those looking to get rich with the perfect hand, the perfect roll of the dice, or the perfect pull of a lever. Las Vegas is a non-stop, day and night, year-round destination full of five star dining, top notch shopping, and some of the best live entertainment you will ever see. If you're seeking to mix a little education with your vacation, make a stop to the Nevada State Museum. Here, you can discover the whole story behind the glitz and neon of Vegas, and the long list of unique characters who helped mold and shape it into the mecca it is today. The Liberace Museum is also here in Vegas, and whether you loved him or hated him, you'll want to see the collection of memorabilia from one of the most flamboyant entertainers who ever lived. Make sure you stop by the Chinatown Plaza. If you enjoy Asian culture, this is a must see! The plaza is filled with unique shops, a bakery, a jade store, and a wide variety of Asian food. You cannot leave Las Vegas without checking out the Fremont Street Experience. If you want a little taste of what Vegas used to be when the Rat Pack roamed these streets, this is the place for you! It is vintage Vegas as its best. This is where the tiny town of Vegas all began, at the corner of Fremont and Main. In fact, Fremont was the first paved street in the city. There is some quality fun to be had in downtown, and a very unique experience. As Elvis once sang, “Viva Las Vegas!”

Like another song says, “we're leaving Las Vegas!” For the next leg of our one tank trip, take I-515 S/ US-93 S to our next stop, the Hoover Dam. Straddling the Colorado and Black Canyon Rivers, this modern marvel is one of the largest dams in the world. Originally called the Boulder Dam, it is 726 feet high and 1244 feet long. If you don't fear heights, US-93 crosses over the top of the dam, winding its way back up and out on the Arizona side of the Colorado River. As you can imagine, the view from the top is spectacular! If you just can't get yourself to drive over it, (or maybe you did), make sure to stop by the Visitor's Center. Here you can learn what a pivotal role the construction of the dam played in making that little town called Las Vegas possible. Started in 1928, and completed in 1936, this amazing structure was not only built a full two years ahead of schedule, but also $15 million under budget, which might qualify it as a “Wonder of the Fiscal World”. Lake Mead is a reservoir lake that resulted from the building of the dam. Converging with Lake Mead is Lake Mohave to the south, which was formed by the destruction of the Davis Dam, and together the two lakes comprise 291 square miles, drawing about 9 million visitors a year on average. Lake Mead alone extends about 110 miles upstream, and it's the perfect place for a wide variety of water sports.

Once you dry off from your dip in Lake Mead, it is back to our one tank trip! Take US-93 N to US-95 S toward Searchlight/Needles, then turn left onto US-95 N. After several miles, turn left on NV-163 E and follow that road until we reach our final Nevada RV camping destination, Laughlin. This city started off as little more than a motel and a bar that catered to the local miners and the many construction workers who toiled away on the Davis Dam. The motel soon fell into disrepair until a wealthy club owner bought the property, and in two years turned it into the Riverside Resort where you could get an all-you-can-eat chicken dinner for 98 cents. From those humble beginnings, Laughlin grew into a quite a tourist draw, attracting in the neighborhood of 3 million visitors every year who come to gamble, and enjoy several water sport activities on the Colorado River. If you're looking for a little more relaxed, laid back approach to gambling and shopping, Laughlin might be just the speed for you. It may not have all that Las Vegas has to offer, but it will be enough to make you want to plan on dropping by again real soon!

This area of Nevada is one of the most popular destinations in the whole state. Not all come for the gambling, although most do. The rest come for the lights, the people, the awesome food and the experience that will leave you reeling for days. The list of things to see and do in this area gets longer every year, and you may not be able to see it all, but you'll have a blast trying!

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