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One Tank Trip for Minnesota Camping

Total mileage / average drive time:
112 miles – 2 hours, 35 minutes

Sharing a border with Lake Superior, the largest body of freshwater in the world, Minnesota has a wealth of natural wonders, vibrant, culturally rich cities and is the epicenter for incredible four season RV travel adventures!

Let’s get it going in Rochester. Located in the rolling farmland and wooded hills of the scenic Zumbo River Valley, Rochester has a wonderful hometown allure any traveler will find irresistible. Rochester is also home to the world famous Mayo Clinic, so you should start your exploration at the Mayowood Mansion. This historic home has enjoyed three generations of the famous Mayo family and the enormous five story structure contains 100 rooms. Try not to get lost while you’re having a look! From the mansion, move on to the Mayo Clinic Art and Architecture Tour where you can view beautiful works of art donated by former patients and benefactors, which is on display throughout the clinic. Starting at the Peace Plaza in downtown, you’ll have access to five walking tours, all of which begin and end in the plaza and a wonderful way to explore this wonderful city. If you’re looking for a hike that’s a little more challenging, head to the Quarry Hill Nature Center where you can get your work out amidst the beautiful upland forests of this 320-acre area. Bike, cross-country skiing and even snowshoeing opportunities are available.

46.4 miles – 1 hour, 4 minutes
For our next destination, make your way to US 14 heading east, approximately 47 miles to Winona. Located on the picturesque bluff country of the Mississippi, Winona takes its name from the daughter of Chief Wapasha, Princess We-Noh-Nah and is widely thought of as the stained glass capital of the nation. Within the city you’ll discover a wealth of historic buildings, like the historic Pickwick Mill, a 120 year old working model of a commercial gristmill, and one of the oldest water powered gristmills in southeast Minnesota. You’ll also find the Minnesota Marine Art Museum, which features four galleries of world-class art and artifacts located in an unique turn of the century style building, landscaped with over 60,000 native plants. Another popular destination is the Watkins Heritage Museum, which contains incredible exhibits on the Watkins Company’s product lines from past to the present as well as a wealth of memorabilia. No matter where you venture in Winona, the past and the present are beautifully intermingled making this city a fascinating destination to spend some time.

33.9 miles – 43 minutes
Head out of Winona on US-61N, which takes us on a spectacular drive right along the Minnesota/Wisconsin border and into the Wabasha/Kellogg, just 28 miles away. Located just a few short miles from the banks of the Mississippi River, these two cities are filled with wonderful river heritage. No matter what your age, you’ll enjoy a trip to Lark Toys, one of the largest independent specialty toy stores in the country. Lark has been around for over a quarter of a century and is well known for its beautifully hand crafted heirloom wooden toys. From tiny pianos to pull toys and trolls you’re sure to find a few gifts for the kiddies back home or a little something to add to your collection! Of course, you’ll want to visit the National Eagle Center while you’re in the area. Where else can you come nose to beak with a bald or golden eagle?

Red Wing
31.2 miles – 49 minutes
Our last stop will have you returning to US-61 heading north for the 31 mile trip into Red Wing. We couldn’t have picked a better ending for our trip through Minnesota—Red Wing is a beautiful historic city with a wealth of sites and activities for travelers. Since the early days, Red Wing has had a reputation for fine pottery, agricultural goods and manufacturing and today is no different, except they have gone global! There are numerous galleries, antique shops and opportunities to watch masters create beautiful pieces of pottery and many opportunities to buy them. To explore the history of their famous pottery, stop by the Red Wing Pottery Museum and you’ll discover a comprehensive history and a presentation of some of the rarest pieces. As home to Red Wing Shoes, you can take a tour of the factory and visit the outlet store and pick up a few pairs of shoes for the folks back home, which is a fascinating trip through history. If you travel to the downtown area, you’ll find wonderful historic buildings and a mix of garden shops, boutiques, Native American jewelry and Minnesota-grown food products. If you make your way to Hobgoblin Music, you’ll get a glimpse of the workshop where folk harps are made and just might get the chance to see one of the live performances that happen here. There is so much to love about Minnesota; it makes you wish there were at least 12 more hours left in the day for exploring!

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