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One Tank Trip for Mexico Camping

Mexico mapIf you're looking for a change of venue, why not head south of the border where warm breezes, swaying palm trees and some fantastic cuisine await your arrival. It's closer than you think, and you can be there quicker than you can say, Viva Mexico!

Kicking off our trip in charming Nogales, visitors here will be treated to an amazing array of sights, sounds, colors and experiences. Sitting just across the border from Arizona, Nogales enjoys its fair share of travelers looking for exquisite food and several bargains. With so many beautiful sights and shops, plan on taking several hours to enjoy all that this city has to offer.

The next stop on our Mexican one tank trip adventure takes us to Magdalena de Kino, a short drive on Mexico 15 S. Although many tourists rush by, Magdalena is a town worth a stop. This is the resting place of the Italian missionary and explorer, Padre Eusebio Kino, who founded numerous missions within the area, and in Arizona, in the 1600-1700s. His remains are on display in a crypt where they were found in 1966. The area is now a park-like Plaza Monumental, and across from the plaza, visitors will find the graceful Temple of Santa Maria de Magdalena. Numerous small shops surround the plaza, and each year this oasis is host to thousands of pilgrims who gather during the religious festival dedicated to San Francisco Javier.

Moving on, return to Mexico 15 S and in less than two hours, you will have arrived at our next Mexico camping stop, Hermosillo. This beautiful capital city is one of the largest in Mexico, and a placed well loved for travelers. A point of interest here is the Catedral de la Asuncion, built in 1912 - a beautiful example of religious architecture, and the pride of the city. Another is the Sonora Museum, which was once a military penitentiary, but now travelers can observe all the history and culture of the area in freedom.

Moving on, our next one tank trip stop is Bahia de Kino, a short drive on HWY-16. Bahia de Kino is a beautiful area with no shortage of excitement. Travelers can do plenty of fishing, diving, skiing, sailing and swimming, and what a beautiful backdrop for this adventure!

Our last Mexico camping stop takes us a short distance down HWY-24 to Guaymas. There are many cultural draws in this city, including Plaza de San Fernando, where many good shopping bargains are just waiting to be discovered, and plenty of golf and water activities abound. Guaymas is located on the beautiful beach of Miramar, and there is no better spot to end our adventure.

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