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One Tank Trip for Mainland Mexico Camping

Woodall's One Tank Trips

For those who want a change of pace from the sights and attractions to be found here in the U.S., there’s a land of sunshine and adventure just waiting for you across the Texas border. It’s filled with beautiful vistas and friendly people, and there’s no better place to start off another one of Woodall's one tank trips than in the border town of Nuevo Laredo, aptly nicknamed “Puerta a Mexico” (the Door to Mexico). It rests on the other side of the Rio Grande, and is best accessed from Laredo, Texas via any of four bridges. Nuevo Laredo’s shopping district on Guerrero Street is your one-stop shop for souvenirs of all types, from jewelry and leather goods to crafts and locally made blankets. Get your fill of authentic Mexican cuisine at any of the several local restaurants, each of which has their own specialty of the house.

Point the rig south down Highway 85, set it on cruise control and enjoy the Mexico camping scenery that’s going by the window. A little over 100 miles later you’ll pull into Guadalupe, an ideal spot to get out and stretch. Head down to the beach and enjoy some rays while sipping a margarita, or walk along miles of unspoiled beachfront while the sun sinks in the late afternoon sky. The historic convent, Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe, has been turned into a museum, which is filled with classic paintings by a host of brilliant Spanish and Mexican artists. The adjacent building is the Museo Regional de la Historia, which showcases a collection of cars and other vehicles that have belonged to various presidents and other notable Mexican individuals.

Take Highway 40D east from Guadalupe for a little more than 100 miles, and you’ll soon reach your ultimate one tank trips destination, the city of Reynosa. This is a far cry from some of the smaller towns you’ll encounter on your Mainland Mexico camping journey; Reynosa’s population is well over a million people, and you’ll find that English is commonly spoken here. The city offers a good number of fine dining opportunities, many of which offer exotic wild game on their menus. Charter a boat and go sport fishing off the coast, or just lounge on the deck and enjoy the ride across the waves. It’s very easy to understand why so many Texans migrate to this area during the winter months, and when you experience the warm, welcoming atmosphere, perhaps you’ll feel just as at home here as they do.