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One Tank Trip for Baja Mexico Camping

Baja Mexico mapAt the southernmost tip of California lies a gateway to another world. A land rich with culture, fine food, music, and endless opportunities for fun-in-the-sun. This exotic and inviting land is just a step over the border in Baja, Mexico.

Today we begin our one tank trip in Tecate, the oldest border city in Baja. The pace here in Tecate moves slower than much of the rest of the world, and travelers here are encouraged to relax, take their time, soak in some of the endless sun, and savor each step. Many visitors come to experience the Guadalupe Hot Springs, an area which is also popular with the locals. Rustic rock rimmed hot tubs filled with sparkling clear geothermal mineral water is the perfect way to soak away your troubles. This area of Baja is widely known for several ancient Indian caves, cascading waterfalls, and endless opportunities for hiking. Tecate is also a gateway city into the beautiful expanse of land where some of the finest wines in Mexico are made, and the land is covered in row after stunning row of vineyards.

Leaving Tecate, take Mexico-3 S to arrive at our next Baja Mexico camping stop, Francisco Zarco. As quiet and sleepy as our previous stop, Francisco Zarco lies in the heart of Mexican wine country. Many travelers venture this way for the idyllic beauty, and to visit any one of the several vineyards in the area. Connoisseurs come here from around the world to sample wines, or to laze their days away amongst the vineyards, and who could blame them? This area invites you to tap into your inner hedonist and take in a tour or two, and bask in the sun while sipping some of Mexico's finest wines.

Heading back to Mexico-3 S brings us to our last one tank trip stop, Ensenada. The third largest city in Baja, Ensenada is a scenic coastal town with incredible beaches, numerous boutiques, and some excellent fishing, making it a premier destination in Baja. Like our other two stops before, Ensenada is also well known for its many vineyards and tasting tours, but many visitors also come for the opportunity to whale watch, and to explore La Bufadora, a natural blowhole formed by marine erosion that throws a gush of water up to 24 feet in the air. There are observation decks for safe viewing and the nearby botanical gardens shouldn't be missed. Also of interest is the quaint First Street Promenade, the perfect place to laze in the shade, do some first rate shopping, and taste some of the delicious cuisine at any of the restaurants along the promenade.

Traveling to Baja is one adventure you won't soon forget. If you're looking to escape the everyday grind, and find a Baja Mexico camping place where you can languish in the sun with nothing to worry about except putting on a nice coat of sunblock, Baja is definitely the place for you!

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