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One Tank Trip for Baja Mexico Camping

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An exotic and exciting adventure awaits you just south of the U.S. border. It’s a land of spirited music and spicy cuisine, where you can relax and kick off your shoes without spending an arm and a leg for a nice vacation. This is what you can look forward to in Baja, Mexico.

Once you cross the border, Tijuana will kick start your Mexican holiday. Pull over into one of the many cantinas and enjoy some of the tasty local entrees, or maybe you’d like to sit and watch the world go by while sipping a cool margarita – blended or on the rocks, your choice. It’s recommended that if you drive in Mexico, you should buy Mexican insurance while in the country, so while searching for local cuisine, stop by and pick up some extra insurance. On this trip you’ve got your choice between Highway 1, which is a free road, but not as scenic and has hills to climb, and Highway 1-D, which is a toll road but goes all the way down the coast. Since both roads hit the same stops, we’ll use 1-D for this one tank trips route.

When you’re ready to continue your Mexico camping adventure, head down Highway 1-D, the Scenic Highway, and cruise over 10 miles of some marvelous ocean views before you pull into Rosarito Beach. This is a popular destination with tourists and students from Southern California, who come down here to enjoy Spring Break. Put on your dancing shoes and hit the town when the sun goes down. You’re on vacation – dance till dawn! You can also tour the movie studio where Titanic was filmed, or collect shells along the Mexican shoreline.

Continuing south on your Mexico camping route for another 60 miles on the coastline hugging 1-D, you’ll soon find yourself in Ensenada. This city is particularly elegant, and makes for a nice destination stop for the more mature traveler. There are many excellent shops and restaurants, and while the atmosphere is loose and relaxed, it doesn’t have the party vibe of Tijuana or Rosarito. Take a leisurely trip over to Punta Banda and watch the sea geyser, Ensenada’s version of Old Faithful, or head up to Chapultepec Hill and see the magnificent bay view from that vantage point.

Another 25 miles south on the 1-D takes you into Puerto Santo Tomas, a village renowned for being one of the best fishing spots on the Baja coast. It’s a popular pastime to rent a kayak and take your fishing gear out on the water. At the day’s end, bring your catch back to camp and cook them over a fire. There’s nothing like the taste of fresh fish.

El Rosario is the last stop on our one tank trips adventure, and lies another 5 miles south on the 1-D. There are many historic missions along this road to El Rosario, and plenty of scenic viewing spots. Keep your eyes peeled towards the sea, as this is a favorite spot to go whale watching. One thing’s for certain, in Baja, you’ll find no shortage of majestic beauty to feast your eyes on.