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One Tank Trip for Massachusetts Camping

Total mileage / average drive time:
28.9 miles – 57 minutes

Massachusetts is like a beautifully bound history book—from the landing of the Mayflower in Plymouth to the major chapters of the Revolutionary and Colonial Wars to the Salem with trials of 1692 and the beauty of Walden Pond, Massachusetts contains page after page of fascinating and incredible bits of history. And like any good book, you’re hooked from the first page to the last....

Let’s start our RV adventure in Webster. This tiny town is relatively close to the borders of both Connecticut and Rhode Island and within closer distance to the longest place name in the United States, Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg, but you can call it Webster Lake. This beautiful spring fed lake was a critical fishing site for Native Americans who once flourished in the area. With some 17 miles of shoreline and spanning over a thousand acres, the lake is a popular destination for fishing and for its excellent sandy beaches.

15.8 miles – 32 minutes
For our next destination, leave Webster via MA-131W for a little over 13 miles to Sturbridge. Filled with irresistible New England charm, Sturbridge is a town of historic inns and a renown outdoor living history museum where visitors can get a little taste of life in 19th century New England at Old Sturbridge Village. Walk around, marvel at historic structures and chat with a few costumed villagers about their life and day to day obligations or stand and watch as they go about their daily chores such as bread making, shoe making or blacksmithing. Make your way to modern day Sturbridge and you’ll find the first roadside candy store, Herbert Candies, who also claims to be the originator of white chocolate in the US. Within the city you’ll find that Sturbridge combines modern amenities and its historical past seamlessly and will provide you with a wealth of shopping opportunities and dining options. Need a little exercise? Head to Wells State Park where you’ll have 1,400-acres of woodlands to yourself for hiking, canoeing, fishing and swimming. There are at least 10 miles of trails for hikers and if you make your way to Carpenter Rock, you’ll be treated to a sweeping panorama view well worth the sweat to reach it!

West Brookfield
13.1 miles – 26 minutes
Let’s keep our trip moving by making your way to US-20 heading west, making a right at MA-148N to complete the 12.6 mile trip into West Brookfield. Located in the beautifully unspoiled Quaboag Valley, West Brookfield is an appealing, historic New England community with tree lined streets, well preserved Federal, Victorian and Colonial homes and plenty of wide open spaces. This is true New England in its best and most traditional form. Make your way downtown and you’ll find wonderfully preserved architecture like the Town Hall, built in 1859 and Ye Olde Tavern which dates all the way back to 1760. In the fall months, take up picking at the Brookfield Orchards or shop at the barn-like country store where you’ll find jams, jellies, antiques and furnishing and of course, some delicious locally made cheddar cheese.

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