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One Tank Trip for Massachusetts Camping

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From the sprawling green vineyards, to the rolling blue waves off the coast, you’ll find that Massachusetts has a rich, diverse palette of colors upon which to feast your eyes, and an equally diverse array of activities to keep you enthralled and entertained every second of your next one tank trips vacation.

Beginning in Plymouth, you’ll discover a land bursting at the seams with our nation’s early history. There are many fascinating historical sites and monuments in this area, including Alden House – the home of pilgrims John and Priscilla Alden – which has been standing since the 1600s. You’ll want to visit Plymouth Rock, where the pilgrims first made landfall back in 1620, as well as Mayflower II, a plank-for-plank reproduction of the original Mayflower vessel. Docked at the State Pier, this ship serves as a living history museum complete with live re-enactors who tell the story of the danger and adventure undertaken by our earliest settlers. While in Plymouth, stretch your legs and get in some wildlife viewing at the various preserves and estuaries, including the South River Sanctuaries, which occupy over 180 acres of marshland and woodlands. The Norris Reservation is a good place for a stroll along any of its numerous trails, as this area is particularly known for its beautiful views of the river.

To continue your Massachusetts camping journey, drive south from Plymouth on the westbound US-44, and 12 miles later you’ll pull into Middleborough, another of those quaint New England towns where the pace is leisurely and everyone gives a friendly welcome. The nearby Nemasket River makes for a picture-perfect campsite setting, and is an excellent staging area for an outdoor adventure complete with hiking and fishing. The town also features some truly fantastic architecture from the 1800s, including the Town Hall and the library, so be sure to take a walking tour while you’re here.

From Middleborough, head west on the I-495 for 18 miles, then take the northbound MA-140 for 5 miles into Foxboro. This community was originally established in the latter part of the 18th century and has seen quite a few changes since then. It’s currently the location of Gillette Stadium, home of the wildly popular New England Patriots football team. But the real adventure is in the F. Gilbert Hills Forest, which spreads across more than 1,000 acres and is adored by those who enjoy outdoor activities. In the warmer seasons, the trails lend themselves to hiking and taking nature walks through some truly picturesque terrain, or you can rent a trusty steed for an afternoon’s horseback ride. Keep an eagle eye and you’ll spot some ancient structures believed to have been built by the native Algonquin tribe before the area was settled by the Europeans. Head into town and have a look at some of the earliest homes, many of which have been restored to pristine condition. The local Historical Society has maps of points of interest, so be sure to pay them a visit before you begin your tour.

On to Franklin, which is a 10-mile journey south on the I-495 from Foxboro. This is another of those charming communities where time and the hustling modern pace doesn’t exist. The Town Forest awaits your exploration, with trails that wind through sweet-smelling pine tree groves, cool, clear streams that trickle down a rock bed worn smooth by centuries of flowing water, a wide selection of multi-colored wildflowers, and majestic rock walls that stretch from ground to sky, challenging you to climb up and see the view from the top. It’s interesting to note that Franklin is the site of the nation’s first public library; the fantastic architecture of this building is well worth checking out, as is the collection of books donated to the library by Benjamin Franklin himself. For the historian and the outdoor enthusiast, this small town is filled to the borders with exciting and intriguing things guaranteed to hold your interest and make you want to return for some more Massachusetts camping fun.

This one tank trips adventure through the Bay State not only takes travelers through some of the most beautiful scenery our nation has to offer, but gives the opportunity to walk down the halls of history, in the footsteps of some of our nation’s most renowned forefathers.

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