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One Tank Trip for Maryland Camping

Map of MarylandIf you're looking for a unique and purely authentic American experience, you've come to the right place! The Maryland/Washington, D.C. area is the most popular destination for its unsurpassed beauty, warm sandy beaches, some of the most significant US historic landmarks in the country, and the place where history is made everyday.

While not technically part of Maryland, Washington, D.C. is most famous for such monuments like the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, the Washington Monument, the Smithsonian, the Capitol Building, and of course, the White House. These are impressive places to visit, and are sources of inspiration and wonder to all who experience them, so be sure to allow more than just a day to see them all. Another popular destination is the College Park Aviation Museum, which features original aircraft, as well as reproductions of every type of aircraft from aviation history. Interestingly enough, this is also America’s oldest, still-functioning airport, conducting takeoffs and landings since 1909. In fact, you can watch current arrivals and departures from the museum windows.

Annapolis is just a short hop east on our Maryland RV camping trip, head east on the US-50 for a little over 20 miles. The state capitol building is an excellent place to start checking out the local sights, and you’ll definitely want to stop by the Annapolis Maritime Museum. This facility contains fascinating exhibits showcasing the region’s seafaring history, from the colonial days to its present contributions to the fishing industry. Annapolis is also the home of the prestigious U.S. Naval Academy, which has been producing the finest naval officers in the world since its founding in the mid-1800s. Tours are available, but it’s best to call ahead for times and date availability.

Continuing on our one tank trip, head north on the MD-2 for about 20 miles and you’ll pull into your next Maryland RV camping stop, Baltimore. This is another city that’s rich with history and culture, and you’ll most likely want to spend a day or two enjoying such interesting places as the B & O Railroad Museum, which has been devoted to showcasing the American railroad system since the late 1800s. The collection of artifacts and memorabilia is easily the largest and most comprehensive in the world, covering everything from the tiniest tools to a full collection of 19th century locomotives. This is a must-see for every type of train enthusiast. Fort McHenry is another popular visitors’ destination; now a national monument, it was pivotal during the War of 1812’s Battle of Baltimore, when it successfully repelled an assault by British naval forces. This battle gave Francis Scott Key the inspiration to write “The Star Spangled Banner,” an anthem that is sung with pride around the country. Standing on Fort McHenry’s grounds will definitely give you goosebumps.

While in Baltimore, be sure to look in on the 1,500 creatures, from over 200 species, that make up the animal population of the Maryland Zoo. They’ve got everything from A for aardvark to Z for zebra, and a whole lot in between. The animals roam about in created environments that replicate their own natural habitats, ranging from Arctic climes to the African plains. The National Aquarium is another fascinating way to spend a day; you’ll see specimens of undersea animal and plant life that you’d normally need a snorkel or scuba gear to enjoy.

While the area’s square mileage may be relatively small, you’ll be hard pressed to visit all the museums and historic sites in both of these regions in just one, one tank trip, but what say we give it our best college try? History awaits…

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