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One Tank Trip for Kentucky Camping

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One Tank Trips for Kentucky CampingA trip through Kentucky is not only going to be filled with the majesty and splendor of the Bluegrass State’s great outdoors, but will also be a voyage through a place where a large part of our nation’s history was made. Kentucky is home to so many events and fantastic destination spots, like the Kentucky Derby and the Bluegrass Mountains, that you might find yourself pulling over every couple of miles or so. It’s also been the birthplace of many influential movers and shakers in political history including Daniel Boone, Abraham Lincoln, and ironically, Confederate President Jefferson Davis. . If you are looking for taking a quick weekend getaway, you might want to stop along these historical locations on your one tank trips journey through Kentucky and take in all the natural settings of the scenic outdoors and the inspirations that have created musical, eventful & political history in our country.

Some excellent artisans and crafts persons also hail from Kentucky, particularly from the first town on our route; Berea. This town is widely renowned for being the center of folk arts and crafts in the entire state, with many shops and galleries offering handmade garments, pottery and sculpture. The Kentucky Artisan Center is a 25,000 square foot structure that will introduce the first-time visitor to local crafts, as well as the history of the region, and features exhibits and live demonstrations of weaving (cloth and baskets), pottery, woodcarving, and metalworking. No doubt you’ll find that special something to take home with you.

Renfro Valley
Kentucky is where bluegrass music was born, and many famous country stars – Loretta Lynn, Naomi and Wynonna Judd, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Crystal Gayle, just to name a few – came into the world through Kentucky. With that in mind, head south for thirteen miles on the I-75-S and you’ll pull into Renfro Valley, which is proud to be the host city for the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame. This museum showcases singers, songwriters, comedians and other pros from the music industry, and features exhibits of items ranging from instruments that are centuries old, to personal possessions belonging to today’s superstars.

It wouldn’t be right to talk about Kentucky without mentioning the state’s contribution to the food industry, namely Kentucky Fried Chicken. The town of Corbin, which rests a little more than 30 miles south from Renfro Valley on the I-75, is where young Harland Sanders built and operated Sanders’ Café. Soon after, he found that the fried chicken was the most popular item with the customers. We all know what happened after that. As a result, Corbin is the home of the Harland Sanders Café & Museum, which draws thousands of visitors each year. Unfortunately, there’s no hint of what those 11 secret herbs and spices are. The search continues…

Another famous spot in the Bluegrass State’s history is Middlesboro, 43 miles south on the US-25E. Here you’ll find Cumberland Gap National Historic Park, commemorating Kentucky’s first Civil War skirmish. You’ll want to set aside a few days to set up for memorable Kentucky camping and enjoy this picturesque setting, complete with trails, places to go rock climbing, waterfalls, and high spots that offer panoramic views for as far as they eye can see. Explore the underworld of Gap Cave, and experience an environment of stalactites and strange mammals that make this their habitat.

It’s interesting to note that Middlesboro is the only city in the world to be formed by an asteroid strike! It rests inside a crater that’s four miles in diameter, and although most of the crater’s slope is covered by vegetation, you can take a day hike and see what interesting geological formations have been created by the impact. As a former coal-mining town, there are many local attractions devoted to that industry’s history. Everywhere you look you’ll find rivers, lakes and streams, so break out your fishing rod and reel, find a spot by the water, dig up some worms, and see how the fish are biting.

With all this visual splendor laid before you, it’s easy to understand why so many artists and musicians have been inspired to create masterpieces. Who knows? Maybe the natural glory will inspire you, too.

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