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When you make southern Florida your choice for a getaway, you’re headed to a place with so much to see and do that you may just want to make it your permanent residence. You wouldn’t be the first. Every year, Florida receives more and more “refugees” from the cooler climates and big cities, who want to bask in the warmth – temperature-wise and socially-speaking – that’s to be found here in the southern part of the state. If you are looking to take a quick weekend getaway, you might want to stop along these locations & attractions on your one tank trips journey through the Southern part of Florida and enjoy the beautiful warm temperatures.

It should be pointed out that this region of Florida is considered a beach-lover’s paradise. The white-sand beaches here stretch for miles upon miles, ranging up the Atlantic coastline and down into the Gulf of Mexico. Take your pick of any number of water-based activities from diving to parasailing, boat cruising and fishing. There’s a very laid-back, Caribbean vibe at work here, and there’s a better than even chance you’ll want to kick your shoes into the water and run barefoot for the rest of your trip. Welcome to south Florida!

Beginning at West Palm Beach, you’ll find no shortage of parks and trails to pull over and get some exercise. High up on your priority list should be Lion Country Safari, which offers daily tours through four miles of preserve, most of which is done from the safety of your own vehicle. You’ll see more than 900 animals that make the park their home, such as giraffes, monkeys, the awesome white rhinoceros, and of course, lions! Safari World is the walking part of the park, and provides visitors with a multitude of exhibits, which showcases birds, reptiles and monkeys. There are also amusement park style rides such as a Ferris wheel and carousel, and a petting zoo. But don’t worry: They keep the full-grown rhinos out of this area (we hope).

Fort Myers is the next port of call, about 77 miles west from West Palm Beach on Highway 80. Prepare to be overwhelmed by all the things you’ll want to do while you’re here. Where to begin? There are parks, planetariums, museums, golf courses, and shopping opportunities galore. Two of the many noteworthy spots are the winter estates of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, which are open year-round (with the exception of Christmas Day and Thanksgiving) and offer daily tours. Visitors to this area will experience not only the homes themselves, but also the surrounding botanical gardens, a museum devoted to these men and their inventions, and a trip through the laboratory of Edison, where history was made. Fort Myers is also the gateway to some of the smaller islands off the coast, including Sanibel Island, which makes for a charming day-trip destination in its own right. Sanibel’s chief claim to fame is its status as a shelling beach, drawing seashell lovers from all around who come to add to their collections. This quaint little island is a perfect spot for a romantic getaway, with candle-lit restaurants to watch the sunset, or just stroll hand-in-hand down the sandy beach, enjoying the quiet. Tour the lighthouse, built in the late 1800s, or get some great wildlife photos at the refuge and bird sanctuary.

Heading south on the US-41 for 30 miles takes you into Naples, which in addition to being a pristine resort city, is also the portal to the Everglades. For a one-of-a-kind experience, treat yourself to a surface-skimming airboat ride through Gator Park, where experienced guides will help you track down and identify various species of alligators that habitat this area. Just remember to keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. If you’d like to go on a gator-spotting expedition that’s less up close and personal, take a drive down Alligator Alley, a section of the I-75 and FL-84. Alligators are known to use the waterways beside the road, which has since been widened and modified to allow the creatures to travel under it without harm.

Should the thought of alligators make your blood run cold, Lake Okeechobee makes for a good spot to set up for southern Florida camping and enjoy the second-largest freshwater lake in the continental U.S. It’s also the headwaters of the Everglades, but don’t worry – the only life you’ll find swimming in the lake is fish and other campers.

A little over 100 miles south on the 41 brings you to your final destination of Miami. This city is such a hub of activity that it’s difficult to pick from all the opportunities at your fingertips. The heavy Latin influence makes for a wealth of exotic dining and music club choices. For the lover of Art Deco architecture, you’ll find that Miami has much more than its fair share. Some of the most elegant shops in the country are to be found right here in Miami, whose shopping district may as well be called “Rodeo Drive East”. When you add in all the beaches, the golf courses and cultural entertainment, it’s easy to see why Miami – and all of south Florida for that matter – is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the nation.

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