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One word that comes to mind when we think of Connecticut camping is “cozy.” Indeed, this state is renowned for its family-owned bed & breakfast inns, tucked away from the beaten path, where you can sit by a warm fire with a loved one while the winter wind blows outside. During the winter, Connecticut’s landscape looks like something taken directly from a Norman Rockwell painting, which accounts for the growing numbers of winter vacationers who make the Constitution State their holiday destination. There’s a lot more going on here than just sitting down and sipping hot toddies, though. Connecticut is a land steeped in history, has a rich tapestry of natural colors on display, and provides a great many activities for the outdoor enthusiast.

If you’re looking to get things off to a lively start on a one tank trips vacation to Connecticut, there’s no better place than the Mohegan Sun Casino near Chesterfield. This fantastic casino is fully equipped with some of the best gambling you’ll find outside of Atlantic City, and prides itself on providing a wide range of A-list entertainment, from Motley Crue to Britney Spears, and Kenny Chesney to Johnny Mathis. Check their schedule of events to see who’s been added to their unbelievable roster of acts!

The village of Colchester is a quick ride for 4 miles on the northbound CT-85, at which time you’ll come to the northbound CT-11 and take it the remaining 8 miles into town. In addition to possessing some of the finest skiing territory in the area, Colchester wineries offer some of the best wines you’ll ever sip. Give your palette a workout and sample some of the local product; you’ll likely find something to tingle your taste buds. For outdoor recreation, the Salmon River provides an excellent place to set up camp, especially in the spring and summer months, and though it’s named after a salmon, the waters are widely renowned for being a great spot to catch trout.

When you’ve caught your allotment of fish, point the rig east and take the CT-2 highway for 15 miles and investigate the small town of Norwich. This picturesque harbor village is positioned at the confluence of no fewer than three rivers, and the harbor views have to be seen to be properly appreciated. While in Norwich, visit the local museums and enjoy the numerous festivals that this area hosts throughout the year. The Foxwoods Resort Casino is also a very popular tourist destination and offers many fantastic deals for its guests. At Foxwoods, you’ll be able to tempt the turn of the dice any time your heart desires, then spend your winnings at any of the fabulous restaurants onsite.

As you leave Norwich and continue your journey of Connecticut camping, prepare yourself for an experience that will take you backwards in time to Colonial days. This time-traveling experience is accessed via the eastbound CT-2, which takes you the 6 miles from Norwich to the seaside village of Mystic. The Olde Mystick Village and the Seaport Museum combine to present a precisely recreated whaling village from the 1800s; the shops and walkways are meticulously reproduced, providing a true-to-life look at what it was like to live in the times of powdered wigs, buckled shoes, and high tea.

Your final stop of New London awaits you, a mere 6 miles west on CT-184, then another 3 miles west on Highway 1. This waterfront community has an Old World charm and several intriguing historic sites, which you can experience by walking down the streets, lined with buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries. New London puts on several events during the year, including hosting the arrival of tall ships to the harbor. This event, in particular, is a favorite of locals and visitors alike. When you see the white sandy beaches, which look to the entire world like someone dumped a very large sugar bowl on the ground, you’ll want to kick off your shoes and take a walk along the shore of Ocean Beach Park. In nearby Groton, Project Oceanology provides an educational look into the world beneath the water’s surface, and the fascinating creatures that inhabit it.

No matter what time of year you visit, a one tank trips adventure to Connecticut is like going to a candy store for all five senses.

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