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Some Tips to Finding Local Restaurants While RV Camping

By Renee Nicole

outdoor cafeRV camping is a whole lot of fun and it gives you a chance to see a lot of different places. But what do you do when you get hungry? How do you find local restaurants to eat at? How do you know if the restaurant you passed is any good? And what if you want to pick up some fresh, local produce from a Farmer’s Market? There are many ways to go about finding the best local places wherever you go.

One way is to ask around at the campground, especially the workers. Let them know you want a taste of the local flavor and they’ll most likely have a few of their favorite places to name. This is great because the locals know the tucked away treasures that tourists always miss out on. They should also know when and where the best Farmer’s Markets are, or at least where there is a local grower’s market. You can also check the local newspapers, publications and restaurant guides.

Another easy option is to use Google. Google restaurants plus the name of where you are at and a listing of local restaurants will come up. One great feature is the map that comes up. It not only shows what eateries there are, but where they are located. It’s easy to find somewhere close, or on the other side of town. And if anyone has written a review for that restaurant, you can read it and see if the place is any good. Also, when you Google local restaurants, websites that cater for that city will come up. For example, if you Google restaurants in Santa Barbara, Ca, you’ll find which has all the restaurants in the city listed by type and accompanied with user reviews. Many cities have similar websites. Another way to find local eateries while RV camping is to use sites such as These are national sites that allow you to search by city.

If you want to explore the town or city nearest your campground, a great way to find restaurants is to just get out and walk around. This way, you get to see the city and discover a terrific new place to eat. And keep an open mind. Some of your favorite places might not look like much.

And on those nights where you want to cook something fresh at the campground, there are many ways to find the best farmers markets and local produce markets. You can check the local publications, ask around, use Google, and of course, walk around. Some websites, like have a lot of information about locally grown food all over the nation.

Just remember, when RV camping, you can easily find the best local restaurants and farmers markets. There are a lot of tools at your fingertips, and great eating is just around the corner! A great part about RV camping is sampling cuisine at local restaurants.

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