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Get the Best Campsite for Your Family Camping Trip

By Rick Hazeltine

There’s a saying that the three most important things in real estate are location, location and location.

little girl and travel trailer The same can be said for choosing a campsite for your family camping trip. Just as young, hip professionals might want to live where the action is or a family wanting to be in the quiet of the suburbs, you need to give the same consideration to your needs when selecting a campsite for your family camping trip.

This point will not become clearer than when you’re yet again hauling one of the kids clear across the campground in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

So the first order of business is to take stock of the needs and wants before selecting campsites for your family camping trip. With younger kids, you’ll likely want to be nearer the bathrooms and showers. But not too near where you are privy to all of your fellow campers bodily needs.

Safety should also be a primary factor when selecting a campsite. With little ones, you certainly don’t want to be too close to the main thoroughfare and its vehicle traffic. Nor do you probably want to be close to water.

If your family likes hiking or plans to spend a lot of time in the campground pool, you’ll want to target a spot near those amenities.

Another key is getting the right size campsite for your family. You don’t want to get what you think is the perfect location only to discover it won’t fit half your stuff and instead of enjoying the great outdoors, you feel like you’re living in a cramped New York apartment.

Now that you’ve put together your list of needs and wants, here are a some tips on how to find that perfect location for your family camping trip.

Person to Person

Although the Internet has made making reservations quick and easy, it does come up short on that person-to-person interaction that can be key to getting the perfect campsite.

If possible, call and talk to someone who actually works at the campground. No one is going to know each spot more intimately than someone who is around day-in and day-out.

The Early Bird

If you are not one to go with a rigid traveling schedule and are picking campgrounds as you go, make sure to arrive early for the best selection of campsites.

Even if you’ve reserved a spot, it’s a good idea to arrive early in case the campsite you get doesn’t fit your family camping needs. Being early at least gets you a shot and switching campsites or getting dibs on the perfect location if another camper cancels or doesn’t show.

Do Your Research

Fortunately, there are many sources that allow you to research campgrounds, making selecting the right campsite much easier.

A great online source is, where you can find campgrounds in and around your destination. Just some of the information available includes cost, amenities, services, hookup information, recreation opportunities, Wi-Fi and much more.

Another valuable source is Woodall’s North American Campground Directory, which contains listing information for more than 15,000 public and private RV and campground facilities.

Woodall’s also offers a complete line of regional campground guides.

Search Woodall's for family camping campgrounds by state or province.