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Enjoy Wonderful Ontario Camping at Pukaskwa National Park!

Established in 1978, Pukaskwa National Park protects almost 1,200 square miles of beautiful terrain. Located in the Thunder Bay District of northern Ontario, the park is known for its beautiful vistas of Lake Superior and boreal forests. Visitors can enjoy hiking through old forests, along the sandy beaches of Lake Superior, or along the curving banks of a river. Kayakers, canoers and boaters can enjoy the beauty of the waters in the park. Visitors can enjoy the inlets of Hattie Cove, or experience wild whitewater adventure on the White and Pukaskwa rivers. A wide range of animals can be found in the park, including woodland caribou, black bears, moose, lynx and grey wolves. With so much beauty to see and explore, this is a great Ontario camping spot.

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Weather in Pukaskwa National Park can be very unpredictable. Sunny skies can quickly become storm clouds with little warning. Visitors should be prepared for any weather. Winters are long and cold, with heavy snow during December and January. Summers are pleasant. Daily fees are required in order to stop in the park. The costs of the fees depend on when you visit. Summer fees are CA$5.80 for adults, $4.90 for seniors, $2.90 for children, and $14.70 for a family. Winter prices are $2.90 for adults, $2.45 for seniors, $1.45 for children and $7.35 for families. A seasonal pass is $29.40 for adults, $24.50 for seniors, $14.70 for kids, and $73.60 for families. A family consists of up to seven people traveling in one vehicle.

Visitors of the park have many opportunities for exploration. They can travel through the park on land or by water. Winter activities include cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Hiking trails take you along the sandy shores of Lake Superior or through boreal forests. Wildlife fill the park, ranging from moos and woodland caribou to grey wolves and black bears. Grey wolves, lynx, fox and snow shoe hare are common winter animals. Visitors can take to the water to see a different side of the park. Rivers, ponds and lakes offer a wide range of difficulty from easy places perfect for beginners to more difficult and challenging areas that are prone to sudden and dramatic changes in weather, wind and waves. With so much to do and see, this is an amazing Ontario camping spot!

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