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Explore Terrific Newfoundland Camping Destinations at Gros Morne National Park

Gros Morne National Park is a beautiful park located in the province of Newfoundland. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987, it is a diverse park rich in natural beauty. The park offers a variety of landscapes, ranging from wild, uninhabited mountains to rugged coastlines. Visitors have an opportunity to enjoy waterfalls, towering cliffs, sandy beaches, marine inlets, rugged mountains, diverse wildlife, and much more. Covering more than 700 square miles of land, this is the second largest park in Atlantic Canada. This beautiful park is a terrific Newfoundland camping destination that has something to offer everyone.

Newfoundland weather is unpredictable in general, and Gros Morne National Park is no exception. Weather can vary significantly between low-lying areas along the coast and the higher elevations of the Long Range Mountains. Visitors must come prepared for the worst and be aware of the symptoms of hypothermia, which can set in easily if you’re not properly equipped. Winter temperatures range between 14-32 degrees, with an even lower temperature in the higher elevations. 13-15 feet of snow fall during winter, and up to 30 feet fall in the higher elevations. February and March are excellent months for cross country skiing. Skiing may be possible even into late April, depending on weather conditions. Spring comes late to Gros Morne National Park and many hiking trails remain covered in snow well into May. This is a great time for viewing moose. July and August are the driest and warmest months with temperatures ranging between 60 and 80 degrees. September and October come with pleasant weather. The cooler temperatures and vivid fall colors make for excellent hiking opportunities, although snow is a possibility. Winter really begins to set in by late October. Entrance fees are required to enter the park. The cost for an adult is CA$980, $8.30 for seniors, $4.90 for children and $19.60 for a family which is up to seven people traveling in one vehicle. Prices are lower for winter months, $7.80 for adults, $6.80 for seniors, $3.90 for children and only $15.70 for families. Open year round, it is a terrific Newfoundland camping destination year round!

Gros Morne National Park has plenty to offer visitors. More than 60 miles of hiking trails stretch out through the park. Hikers can explore rugged mountains, hike around beautiful lakes, explore coastal shores, hike along rivers, discover waterfalls, enjoy breathtakingly beautiful vistas, and more. Hikes range from easy strolls to strenuous daylong hikes. Some trails are paved or have boardwalks and bridges. Other trails are wilder. Experienced kayakers have the opportunity to explore wonderful paddling destinations, including Inner Bonne Bay, St Pauls Inlet and Trout River Pond. Weather and wind can change rapidly, so kayakers must be able to deal with rapid changes. The Western Brook Pond tour is a 2.5 hour cruise that offers an up close and personal view of massive billion year old cliffs. Waterfalls cascade down into the lake. Beautiful blue water surrounds you. Offered in July and August, the tour departures depend on wind and weather. Cross-country skiing allows winter visitors a unique opportunity to explore areas of the park that may not be accessible during the summer months. There are many cross-country skiing trails throughout the park, and this is an amazing way to see nature at its best. With so much to do and so many ways to explore the park, this really is a wonderful Newfoundland camping spot!

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