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Glacier National Park is an Amazing British Columbia Camping Spot!

Glacier National Park is a beautiful park located in the Columbia Mountains in British Columbia. Glaciers cover a large percentage of the challenging terrain. The park is dominated by steep mountains and a diversity of plants and animals. Ten large peaks ranging between 8,530’ to 11,120’ loom over the park. Established in 1886, it covers 521 square miles of beautiful land and is one of seven national parks in British Columbia. Rogers Pass is a high mountain pass that cuts through the park. Discovered in 1881, the pass has been used ever since and continues to be a terrific way to get through the park. Many excellent hiking, camping, mountain climbing and skiing opportunities can be found around the pass. With so much to see and do, Glacier National Park offers many amazing British Columbia camping opportunities.

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Glacier National Park is located in the Columbia Mountain Range and is part of the Interior Wetbelt Region of British Columbia. The park gets a lot of precipitation, generally in the form of snow. Temperatures tend to be moderate. Snowfall is heaviest mid October through mid June, although snow is possible at any time of the year. The best times of the year to visit are the winter and summer months. The transitional months of spring and fall are very unpredictable and weather doesn’t really promote either winter or summer activities. January tends to be the snowiest month and daily temperatures are below freezing at all elevations. By March, warming temperatures means more sleet and rain, especially at lower elevations. By May, temperatures are above freezing at all temperatures and rain is the predominant source of precipitation. June is the wettest month. By July, summer prevails in the valleys. Snow may still be found in the upper elevations, but most hiking trails are snow free. August is the driest month of the year. September brings with it rain, and more often than not, snow. October and November bring heavier snowfalls, and December is marked by heavy storms and lots of snow. The park is open year round and entrance fees are always required. The cost for adults is CA$7.80, $6.80 for seniors, $3.90 for children and $19.60 for a family- up to seven people traveling in one vehicle.

There is plenty to do while visiting Glacier National Park any time of the year. During summer, there are excellent hiking trails, beautiful picnicking spots, terrific scenic drives, and plenty to explore. Winter months boast excellent skiing conditions. For campers in above average condition, the Nakimu Caves call out to be explored during the summer months. A 3-4 hour hike over tough terrain with multiple elevation gains and losses brings you down into Cougar Valley where the entrance to the caves can be found. Visitors can apply for their own entry date and make the trip alone or they can join a commercially lead trip. Once reaching the caves, visitors are rewarded with a descent into the dark labyrinth of caves with numerous passageways and many beautiful formations. Glacier National Park also has very diverse plant and animal life. Bears, mountain goats, beaver and muskrat call the park home. May and June are great months for bird watching. With so much to do any time of the year, Glacier National Park truly is an excellent British Columbia camping destination!

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