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Algonquin Provincial Park is a Great Ontario Camping Destination!

Algonquin Provincial Park is located in Central Ontario between the Georgian Bay and the Ottawa River. Established in 1893, it is the oldest provincial park in Canada. The park covers 4,755 square miles of wilderness, and its close proximity to Toronto and Ottawa makes it an easy park to reach. The size and location also make it one of the most popular parks in both Ontario and all of Canada. The best way to see the park is by canoe or foot. With over 2,400 lakes and 750 miles of rivers, northern coniferous forests and southern deciduous forests, and diverse plant and animal life, Algonquin Provincial Park is an amazing Ontario camping destination!

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Algonquin Provincial Park is not quite in Northern Ontario but it does have a similar climate. Spring is cool and wet. Summer tends to be unpredictable, with temperatures ranging from 60-90 degrees. June and July tend to be humid, tapering off by August. Fall is cool and dry. Winter is guaranteed to be cold and snowy, and the weather can be very harsh. There is a daily fee of $14 to enter the park while an annual pass costs $80. The park is open year round, although some parts are inaccessible during winter. Highway 60 is the most common way to enter the park but you can also get in via canoe and plane.

Once you reach Algonquin Provincial Park, there is plenty to do. The rolling hills, rich forests, lakes and streams, swamps and rock outcroppings offer a wide range of places to explore. Once in the park, the best way to travel by vehicle is along Highway 60. The rest of the park is best accessed by canoe. There is an extensive canoe route system, so be sure to get a canoe system map before setting out. Even though the park has a lot of lakes, rivers and streams, it also has plenty of hiking trails! These trails take you along creeks, around lakes, through forests and over rocks. This is a great way to see the park and all the flora and fauna it has to offer. Many animals call the park home. Moose can be found pretty much everywhere in the park, including along Highway 60. This is the biggest mammal most visitors will see. Small wolfs, bears and lynxes also call the park home, though they are more elusive. Many bird species reside within the park, and the fish population is diverse. One must see piece of human history in the park is the abandoned OA & PS railroad bed. The railroad is interesting in and of itself, but also passes by many interesting sites, including abandoned train stations, logging depots, bridges and even the remnants of a 1930’s train derailment! With so much to see and do, Algonquin Provincial Park truly is a wonderful Ontario camping destination!
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