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Enjoy Arizona Camping Near Awesome Cacti in the Saguaro National Park

The huge Giant Saguaro cacti outlined by the desert setting sun in Saguaro National Park are often thought of as the symbol of the American West. These cacti are unique to a very small area of the United States, making the Park a wonderful Arizona camping destination. The average life span of these subtropical giants is 150 years, although some live past 200. A fully grown cactus often stands around 20’ and weighs over a ton. Remember that there are two separate districts separated by thirty miles, The Rincon Mountain district and the Tucson Mountain District. The city of Tucson sits between them.

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There is a $10 entrance fee to either park which is good for seven days. The summers can be extremely hot, often exceeding 105 degrees Farhenheit in the shade! The high temperatures make it necessary to drink plenty of water and to wear hats, sunscreen and light layers. The winters are very nice, with average day temperatures around 70 degrees and nights averaging 40.

While both parks share similar plants and animals, there are subtle differences that make both parks worth seeing. The Rincon Mountain District has a one mile hike that follows the Freeman Homestead Trail which offers a good opportunity to learn more about the desert around you, as well as the city of Tucson. There is also a beautiful scenic route that can be driven or biked called the Cactus Forest Loop Drive, which offers spectacular views of the Rincon Mountains. The Tucson Mountain District has a program that offers daily presentations that demonstrate the Native American perspective on the Saguaro National Park. Signal Hill picnic area also offers a wonderful view and the chance to see hundreds of petroglyphs, which are rock engravings.

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