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Take a Tour of Oregon Caves National Monument on Your Next Oregon Camping Trip

Formed thousands of years ago when acid rainwater melted the marble stone, the caves of Oregon Caves National Monument are a rare and beautiful sight! The "Marble Halls of Oregon" are very unique as it is one of only few marble caves. Add to the rarity of the caves the rarity of the earth above it. Recognized as one of the most botanically diverse and geologically unique areas in the United States, there is always something beautiful and exciting to see! The wildlife is also unique as the land and plants around them, many of them dating all the way back to the time of the dinosaurs! With so much to see and do, Oregon Caves National Monument is a terrific Oregon camping spot with plenty to offer any and all campers.

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The Monument is located in the Siskiyou Mountains meaning "warm, pleasant summers and cold, snowy winters". Spring and fall both see a lot of rain. While the monument is open year round, the caves are not. Tours generally run mid March through the end of November, although even during the open season tours may be canceled to unforeseen issues like weather. While there is no entrance fee for the park, there are fees for the cave tours. Adults cost $8.50 while children 16 and under cost $6. Reservations are not provided, but tickets for cave tours are sold on a first come first served basis. It is highly recommended that you arrive early to increase your chances of getting on a tour.

While all tours through the caves are guided, there are general cave tours and more adventurous off trail cave tours. The general cave tour takes you on a 90 minute tour through the marble caves and along the way you will see incredible formations and learn about the geology of the caves. Bats and many other creatures call the caves home, and you’ll learn about them as well. The off trail guided tours is a physical and mental challenge for the more adventurous campers. You’ll have a chance to travel off the beaten path for a far more challenging experience of the caves. The fee for off trail tours is $30 per person with a limit of 6 per group. Unlike the general cave tour, reservations are required and they are only offered through the summer months. Also offered during the summer months is a candle light tour of the caves. Offered only on Fridays and Saturdays, this tour offers you a chance to see the caves as early explorers would have seen it: by candle light. Above ground, there is still plenty to see and plenty to do. Four hiking trails offer wonderful views of the Monument and of the Siskiyou Mountains that surround it. With so much to see and explore, it’s no wonder that Oregon Caves National Monument is such a popular Oregon camping destination.

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