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Sun or Snow... Olympic National Park is a Great Washingon Camping Destination

Located in the northwestern corner of Washington, Olympic National Park is a beautiful park that offers a chance to immerse yourself in the beauty and solitude of nature. The park is wonderfully diverse and has three major ecosystems: coastal, mountain and forest, each with its own wonderful plant and animal life, as well as different activities, scenery, and beauty. Established in 1938, Olympic National Park has been a popular Washington camping destination for years!

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Just as the land varies, so does the weather. It varies not only by season but by location. What you find on the beach may not match the weather in the mountains. Overall, though, the weather tends to be a moderate marine climate with warm summers and cool, wet winters. Summer is mild and warm with highs between 65 and 75 degrees July, August and September are the driest months. Winters are mild and wet in the lower elevations, while snow can be very heavy high up in the mountains. Spring and fall are pleasant, but wet. Twelve feet of rain falls annually on the west-facing valets. The eastern side is a bit drier getting only 25 inches of annual rain. Visitors should be prepared for rain or sunshine. There is a $15 entrance fee which is valid for seven consecutive days. An annual Olympic National Park pass costs $30, and there is the inter-agency pass which grants access into most national parks and costs $80. Open year round, Olympic National Park is always an excellent Washington camping destination!

There is so much to do and see while visiting Olympic National Park that the longer you stay, the more fun you’ll have. The first choice to make is if you want to hike up a mountain path, explore temperate rain forests, or spend your day on the shores of the park looking out over the Pacific Ocean. Hiking trails abound in all three ecosystems and this is a great way to get out and explore the raw beauty of the park. Whether you want to go on a leisurely stroll or traverse your way up rocks and mountains, there is something for everyone here. This is also a wonderful place for wildlife watching. Just off the coast, dolphins, whales, sea lions and seals can be seen feeding. Tide pools show a hidden world. Sea birds can be found nesting, or watched diving for fish. Forests and mountains offer owls, beaver, mink, elk, cougars and more. Over 250 species of birds call the park home. Since 95% of the park is designated as wild, this truly is a magnificent Washington camping destination that offers you a rare chance to see nature in its full glory. With four beautifully distinct seasons, you can come for the wildflowers or for the fall foliage. You have a chance to enjoy the summer sun or ski down snow-covered mountains. With so much to do, it is a great Washington camping spot!

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