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Get Your Fill of Water Sports While Michigan Camping in Isle Royale National Park

Lake in MichiganIsle Royale National Park is located within Lake Superior in Michigan. The park is comprised of Isle Royale itself, which is the largest island in Lake Superior, as well as about 400 smaller islands and submerged lands within 4.5 miles of the surrounding islands. Accessible by only boat or seaplane, it is a beautifully remote park with loads of watery advertures available. There are forests, rugged coastlines, shipwrecks, wildlife, isolation, and wonderful water activities. It is a terrific Michigan camping destination.

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Isle Royale National Park is one of the few national parks that close down during winter. The park closes November 1st and reopens April 16th. It closes down due to harsh winter conditions, wildlife protection, and the safety of visitors. The weather during the open months tends to be cool. Thick fog is common in spring and summer months. The water temperature rarely gets over 52 degrees while the temperature on land is usually in the 70’s. Thunderstorms and rain are common, as well, which lead to rapid changes in wave and wind conditions. Since the Park is so remote, accessible by only seaplane or boat, it is not visited by very many people. This allows the islands to remain relatively untouched by man, making it a terrific Michigan camping destination for those that truly want to experience nature. There is a $4/day per user fee. Season passes can be purchased for $50. Keep in mind that the park is difficult to reach, taking many hours by ferry, so most people tend to spend a few days once they arrive at the park. Day visiting, however, is possible.

There is plenty to do once making the voyage to Isle Royale National Park. A great way to experience the park is on foot. There are a number of hikes available, ranging from hour long strolls to more intense and longer hikes out along the coastline or through forests. Moose and wolf populations are steady within the park, and in fact, Isle Royale National Park is the only place on Earth where moose and wolves live together without the presence of bears. The remote island supports a limited amount of wildlife and has been an excellent location to study predator-prey relationships since it is so remote and removed from human interruption.

Another wonderful way to see the park is by kayak, canoe and boat. Since the park is filled with lakes, bays and islands, getting into the water allows you to maneuver about, allowing you to see more than you might from land. Experience in kayaking or canoeing is a must because sudden squalls, cold temperatures, and fog can make traversing through the water dangerous. Scuba diving is another popular past time while on the park. Due to the cold temperature of Superior Lake, sunken vessels are very well preserved, making for a terrific exploration. With a dozen ship wrecks, there is plenty to choose from. Regardless of what you choose to do while at Isle Royale National Park, you’ll enjoy the remote isolated beauty of such a unique piece of our history and land.

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