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Flickr on an RV Trip – Why Internet Access While Traveling is So Important

By Renee Nicole

Being on the road for an RV trip is a lot of fun. It’s a great chance to see the country, get out in nature, and to have new adventures. For those of us that love to document every moment of our trips through photos, Flickr is a terrific way to keep in touch, and share your trip, with family and friends back home. Internet access while traveling is so accessible that it is easy to keep in touch on your RV trip.

vintage family camping photo Flickr is a photo / video hosting website. With Flickr, it is possible to share footage with anyone, public or private, even when you’re on your RV trip. Families can view new photos or videos uploaded to Flickr, and can be alerted through Facebook that new photos have been uploaded. This website is easily used with Facebook. Here are some of the features of Flickr:
  • Can connect Flickr account to Facebook

  • Can upload high resolution photos from your phone

  • There are detailed photo specs available for view

  • You can upload multiple photos and videos at once (no more individual uploading)

  • Fast upload times

  • You can organize your photos and videos into albums OR have a random assortment
Additional features include: picnic (an editing option), rotate picture, a redeye tool, exposure adjustment, color adjustment, sharpen option, resize option, adding a note to the photo, add a tag (keywords linking to your photos), send to group option so multiple people will see private photos, add to set (album tool), identify friends in a photo (they must also have Flickr account) and a crop option.

Flickr takes some getting used to, at least to fully utilize all of the options. It has a ton of options for your photos and videos when compared to other social networking websites such as Myspace or Facebook. For a large quantity of pictures or video clips to be uploaded to the internet, Flickr is by far the quicker option as well. So if you like to snap a lot of pics on your RV trip, Flickr is the way to go!

You need to have a Yahoo account in order to sign up for Flickr, and signing up is very quick and easy. You just need to enter your Yahoo account name, create a password, and then create a new name for your Flickr account. While Flickr is a great tool for photo sharing, it is not something you can set aside for months at a time. If you are inactive for 90 days, the account will be deleted, so keep that in mind. But, since internet access while traveling is not a problem, it should be easy to log in weekly, or even daily. Plus, you can access Flickr with any phone that has internet access.

Flickr is the way to go if you are a camera enthusiast that insists on detail, an RV traveler who is constantly uploading new photos, or anyone with a lot to share. Try Flickr to share photos with friends when you’re on your next RV trip, by going to to get started.

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