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Sleeping Bag Review For Your Next Family Camping Trip

By Renee Nicole

sleeping bagsSleeping bags come in many different sizes, colors and even shapes. There are hundreds of choices. How do you know which one is best for your camping needs? What are the differences? Does it really matter which sleeping bag you choose? Here I’ll offer some sleeping bag reviews, from the hard core camper to your typical family camping trip.

Winter Sleeping Bag Reviews

These sleeping bags are designed for cold weather conditions. They can withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees, some even lower. The design is typically a mummy shape with a hood, which helps to evenly distribute the heat , lock in warmth and keep out the cold. When shopping for a winter sleeping bag, keep in mind that synthetic insulation has gotten more advanced over the years, but down insulation is also widely used, though more expensive. Down insulation can last for years, but does not do well if it gets wet or even damp, while synthetic insulation not only dries quickly but can also keep you warm even if it’s wet. These are for the extreme campers that often finds themselves in below freezing weather. They range in price from as low as $50 up to $800.

Three Season Sleeping Bag Reviews

These are considered to be the most versatile bags. They are made for temperatures as low as 20 degrees, but can be used in warmer weather as well. These bags can even be used in much colder weather with a little extra clothing, a liner, or a sleeping pad. They tend to also be mummy shaped with a hood. Three season sleeping bags are a good investment because of their versatility. They tend to range in price from $30 up to $500, depending on quality, insulation, brand, and temperature range.

Warm Weather Sleeping Bag Review

These tend to be the rectangular, heavier sleeping bags, although some are mummy shaped as well. These are best for warm weather, 35 degrees and higher. They are better for car, RV, and campground camping rather than backpacking. They are not as compact as the three season or cold weather sleeping bags and they weigh more. Warm weather sleeping bags tend to be the cheapest since they do not require special insulation, shell, zippers, etc. They are best for family camping trips to warmer places. These sleeping bags can be as inexpensive as $10 all the way up to $400, depending on style.

Family And Kids’ Sleeping Bag Reviews

Children have an entire line of sleeping bags designed just for them. These bags are made to fit smaller bodies and all styles are available, from cold weather to warm weather sleeping bags. There are mummy shapes, rectangular shapes, rounded shapes, bright colors, patterns, matching sets and even personalized bags. Children’s sleeping bags range in price from $10 all the way up to $500, depending of course on style, quality, brand, etc. There are also family sleeping bags to consider. While you can zip two regular sleeping bags together to make a double bag, there are sleeping bags already designed for two! These bags are nice and roomy. An advantage to buying a double bag is that since it is designed with 2 people in mind, it will be more efficient. There are cold weather bags, 3 season bags, and warm weather bags. They range in price from $40 up to $400.

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