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One Tank Trip for Prince Edward Island Camping

Total Mileage/average drive time:
111 km - 1 hour

Cradled by New Brunswick to the west and Nova Scotia to the south, Prince Edward Island is the smallest and greenest province in Canada. Well known for rolling landscapes and miles of beaches, the island's quiet charm is sure to make you feel like you have the whole island to yourself.

Wood Island
The one tank trip starts in Wood Islands, which is easily accessed via Canada Highway 1. This is a small farming and fishing town, just a short ferry ride away from Caribou, Nova Scotia. Wood Islands is a great place to get away from it all, and enjoy the clean air and the ebb and flow of the tides. The Wood Islands Lighthouse and Museum features a fully functional lighthouse with eleven rooms, each with a different theme. One room is a meticulously re-created 1950s kitchen, another is filled entirely with “Sea Glass,” which are oddities formed by the motion of the sea. Another room is devoted to the legend of the Phantom Burning Ship, which has allegedly been sighted in the Northumberland Strait.

Murray River
18.5 km - 19 minutes
From Wood Islands, head east for 12 miles on Provincial Route 4 until you pull into the town of Murray River. This is another place devoted to peace and quiet, located on the banks of the Murray River itself. Take a river cruise, or hike around the town and visit the surrounding wetlands for some excellent bird watching. The sunset views are truly spectacular, so sit back and prepare to feast your eyes on nature’s magic.

Murray Harbor North
11.5 km - 12 minutes
Drive east for 4 miles on Highway 18 until you come to the next Prince Edward Island RV camping stop, Murray Harbour North. Like many towns in the area, this is a fishing village, and there are many wharves and fisheries along the waterfront.

26.6 km - 26 minutes
To continue our one tank trip, take Highway 17 north for 15 miles to Montague, a charming town bisected by the Montague River. Get a splendid view of the water from the bridge that connects the town’s two halves, and if you plan your visit during Montague Days you’ll see the town converted into a large carnival, with parades, traveling musicians and fireworks.

Red Point
54.9 km - 52 minutes
From Montague, head north on Highway 4 for 3 miles, then merge with the northbound Highway 313 for 14 miles until you come to the eastbound Highway 16, which takes you the remaining 15 miles to the last Prince Edward Island RV camping stop on the route, Red Point. This area boasts some of the most magnificent white sand beaches on the island, and incredible ocean views. Set up camp and enjoy the serenity and calm that washes over you as you look out on the ocean, and let the tide take all your cares away.

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