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One Tank Trip for Newfoundland Camping

Total Mileage/average drive time:
217 km - 3 hours, 23 minutes

Seasoned RV travelers are always up to a challenge and the eastern most area of Newfoundland/Labrador are just what the doctor ordered for those of you who have been just about everywhere else the blacktop can take you. As one of Canada's best kept secrets, you will find a wealth of rugged beauty, quaint traditional fishing villages and the oldest city in North America in Newfoundland and in Labrador you'll find acres of untamed wilderness, which no outdoor adventurer will be able to get enough of!

Grand Falls-Windsor
This one tank trip runs east along Canada’s Highway 1, and kicks off in the town of Grand Falls-Windsor. This community is renowned for being one of Newfoundland’s chief tourist attractions and the home of Thunder Brook, a fantastic place to go fishing and swimming, and Beothuk Park, where you can experience the feeling of Newfoundland RV camping out in the wild while remaining close to modern conveniences.

Bishop Falls
16.3 km - 16 minutes
In Bishop’s Falls - which lies 11 miles to the east via Highway 1 - you can enjoy camping beside the Exploits River, with a fantastic view of the waterfalls for which the town is named. The Bishop’s Falls Heritage Centre offers a variety of exhibits and artifacts showcasing the waterways, logging industry, and contributions to the sports industry that have stemmed from the town.

79.6 km - 1 hour, 14 minutes
The town of Gander awaits you after a 40-mile eastbound drive through some truly eye-popping scenic countryside along Highway 1. Here you’ll find the fishing waters to be rich and plentiful. No doubt you’ll find the sunset views to be breathtaking, each one more beautiful than the previous one. Prepare to be enthralled by the peacefulness of the region, and allow at least a couple of days to savor the serenity.

62.1 km - 1 hour
Glovertown is your next Newfoundland RV Camping stop, at the end of a 35-mile drive further east on Highway 1. This is a sailing community, situated right next to Bloody Bay Reach. Launch your boat along the waters, pack your rod and reel, and see how many tasty Atlantic salmon you can haul in for the day.

Terra Nova
59.4 km - 54 minutes
Angling south, but remaining on Highway 1 for 15 miles, brings you to your final one tank trip destination, Terra Nova. Take a nature hike, visit the bogs and marshlands for some wildlife watching, or drop a kayak in the Atlantic waters and get a staggering view from offshore – just you, the sea, and the sunset. There are miles upon miles of hiking trails just waiting to be explored, and in the wintertime you can even go dog sledding!

This area is far off the beaten path, but worth the travel time for those of us who have an itch to broaden our experiences and expand our horizons into the farthest reaches imaginable.

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